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how to change mobile phone/ sim card ip address

how to change mobile phone o mobile modem ip address:

protect your mobile net from being traced:

hi friends till today no one was ever able to explain how to change ip address of mobile phone
and be safe from being traced.

even if we change the ip from network and sharing while using net from mobile phones it is possible to trace ip as it dosent changes being defolt from network provider but today i will teach you how to change sim card ip address.
Its so simple just follow simple steps.

if you are using nokia 5233, 5230, or any other nokia touch phone
 follow these steps.
first of all visit "www.whatsmyip.com" you will see your ip.
now follow thease steps.
  • Go to settings.
  • connectivity.
  • destinations.
  • internet
  • open your access point for example mine "mobile office".
  • go to options.
  • select advanced settings.
  • double click "phone IP adress then change your ip to ""
  • click ok.
  • now double click on DNS adresses.
  • now change primary DNS address to ""
  • and secondary DNS to "".
  • click ok.
this is all and you are done.
now just change your profile to offline and then to general now just visit "www.whatsmyip.com" and u will see that your ip adress is changed.
 other cell phone users no need to worry soon i'll be back with tricks for you.

even you will find net working faster.

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