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Evernote Adds Reminders Feature To Its Web, Mac, and iOS Apps [Updates]

On Thursday, Evernote released a much requested Reminders feature for its popular notebook application. In a blog post, the company says that the new feature includes in-app and email alarms, quick notes based on to-do lists, and the ability to pin notes to the top of your note list — all rolled into one. The new update will be available on Evernote’s Web, Mac and iOS versions — for both free and Evernote Business users.
The Reminder feature lets you attach a date and time to any note, and in turn, you will receive an in-app alarm, and optionally, an email the day the Reminder is due. Email notifications for Evernote reminders are sent in the morning on days when the notes are due, not at a specified time as with Mac or Google calendar events.
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The Reminder icon is located in the top toolbar of the Mac and Web versions of Evernote, and at the bottom of notes in iOS. The feature includes two quick date reminders, one for “Tomorrow,” and another for “In a Week.” A built-in drop-down calendar lets you set specific dates and times.
All your reminders get listed in the Reminder section of each notebook. From a pop-up window, you can clear reminders, change the dates, or mark an item as completed. In the All Notes section, you can easily see a list of all your reminders, which can be sorted by “Upcoming Reminders” or “Recently Completed Reminders”. Your reminders will also get synced and updated across your supported devices.

If you share a notebook with other users, they will also be able to subscribe to be notified when the note is due. The reminders feature is great for project-related notes, to-do lists, and document reviews. There are, however, a few missing features such as recurring reminders and the ability to add specific times for notifications.

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