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Expect a second-gen Microsoft Surface announcement on June 26

Microsoft is expected to introduce the second generation of the Surface tablet at its Build Developer Conference beginning June 26. But don’t expect more of the same.
The supply chain, which inevitably gets to know about new devices before anyone else, is stating that Microsoft is sticking with the same component manufacturers as with the first Surface tablets, but the 2nd gen device will only sport a display size between 7 and 9-inches. The original used a 10.81-inch panel.Microsoft’s recent tweaks to Windows 8 hardware requirements also suggest a smaller device will be released.
The smaller display is thought to have been chosen because smaller is more popular. I’m not sure that’s entirely true. Microsoft has only sold around half of the 4 million tablets it set as a target for the first-gen Surface, but 2 million units is still pretty good for a first attempt. Those sales are split down into 1.5 million Surface RT and 500,000 Surface Pro devices.
A smaller Surface does mean it will be cheaper to manufacture and could allow Microsoft to lower the price of the device for the consumer. Sticking with existing component companies and Pegatron Technology as the main tablet manufacturer, and continuing to use as many of the same components as possible, should also help keep costs to a minimum.
Alongside launching a new Surface Microsoft is continuing to role out the existing RT and Pro to new territories around the world. Malaysia just got the Surface RT and Mexico, Korea, and Thailand get it before June is over. The Surface Pro is heading to Australia, Austria, Korea, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, and Thailand in the same timeframe. So sales will continue to happen, but probably not as fast as Microsoft 6 months on from launch.

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