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Google admits Google Glass may be bad for your eyes

When Nintendo launched the 3DS with its 3D capable upper display, it also came with a warning. Very young gamers shouldn’t use it, and in general all gamers may experience some side effects like their eyes getting tired relatively quickly. I can attest to that being true with the original 3DS, less so with the 3DS XL.
So it may not come as a surprise that Google is issuing a similar warning for using Google Glass, only they’ve been more specific about who shouldn’t use it.
Let’s start with kids. Google admits that Glass could harm vision that is still developing, so nobody under the age of 13 should be using it. You also shouldn’t try Glass is you’ve had Lasik eye surgery as it could also cause damage to your vision. If you really want to chance it, at least consult your doctor first. But as this is such new tech, I doubt they’ll be able to give you a definitive answer.
Even if you have generally good vision, there’s every chance extended use is going to cause eye strain and/or headaches. The problem is, unlike the 3DS, you can’t turn off the feature that causes these side effects as that’s just how Glass works.
It seems unlikely Google will be able to fix such problems, at least in the short term, and that’s probably why they tell you to ease into using Glass slowly. But if eye strain and headaches really are an issue for users in general, Google Glass will remain an occasional use item.
Depending on how quickly such side effects are experienced, that early adopter price tag of $1,500 will seem like even more of an unnecessary expense for what is essentially work-in-progress tech.

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