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4 Of The Biggest Glitches In Gaming History

As long as gaming exists, glitches and bugs will be a part of them. They have always been around, and they will not be going anywhere. It’s one of things that just happens. Games on the NES were filled with glitches and errors, and games on the PS4 will eventually have them, too. There are even certain gamers out there who take a certain amount of pride in finding these mess-ups and exploiting them.
Are glitches always bad though? Sometimes they can turn out to be pretty awesome. Some games have gained significant notoriety for flukes and glitches that developers let slip by. Sometimes these glitches are so significant that they actually contribute and help shape certain parts of a game. In this post, let’s look at four of the most popular glitches in the history of gaming.

Diablo: Duplicating Items

This is one of those glitches that’s plagued the Diablo series, and this genre of games in general. Being able to duplicate in-game items or currency is the holy grail of all gaming glitches. In the original Diablo, it was relatively easy.

The video above is a little long, but shows the gaming glitch in great detail. You can create duplicates of any item by exchanging it for one in your inventory. You first drop an item , then when you go to pick it up off of the ground, you must quickly click the item you want to replace it with from your inventory. It must be done quick in order to work. The game erases the item you’ve clicked and duplicates the item that you’ve originally dropped.
This is that huge glitch that gamers dream about and developers have nightmares over.

Pokémon: Missingno

Missingno is the best proof that even the people who code for some of the most popular games in the world aren’t exactly perfect.

If you have a Pokémon with Surf and Fly, access to Veridian City, and patience, you can find Missingno. What is Missingno? As the video above explains very well, Missingno is a Pokémon that should have never existed in the game. Missingno is a block of pixels that you can encounter, catch, fight, and be amazed by. It will scramble some of your game’s visuals, completely ruin your Hall of Fame, and give you a ridiculous amount of duplicated items.
At worst, Missingno is a graphical inconvenience. At best, you can practically come up with infinite Master Balls.

Super Smash Bros. Melee: Play as Master Hand

This is a glitch so complex and completely obscure that I can’t imagine how someone would go about just randomly figuring it out. There’s got to be some kind of insider information going around behind this one, but we may never know the truth.

The most intriguing thing is that this glitch was apparently first discovered years after the game’s release. Want to play as Master Hand? No problem. First, have two controllers. One must be in the third port, the other doesn’t matter. Controller #3 needs to not pick a character, but press A on the name selection field. The other controller must select a character and hover the back button. Then, both controllers must press A at the same time. Pick a stage, and you’re Master Hand.
Who figures this stuff out?

Donkey Kong: The Kill Screen

This is one of those “glitches” that you want to encounter. If you reach the kill screen in Donkey Kong, you are a real gamer.

A kill screen is a stage in a game that stops a player’s progress. This is usually due to an error in the game’s code or a mistake in the design. Games will often freeze, crash, glitch out, or just go nuts.
On the 22nd stage of Donkey Kong, you get the kill screen. Put simply, you are reaching this screen because the designers behind Donkey Kong never expected you to get this far in the game. You’ve reached the end. There’s no more code for you to play through. You win.

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