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Facebook Now Offering Users The Ability To Comment Using Images

Facebook is pulling out all the stops these days to stay one step ahead of Google Plus, with new features such as threaded replies (excellent) and hash tags (not so excellent). The new development this time around is the ability to respond to status updates with images.
This will be achieved using a small camera icon in the right hand corner of the comments box, which will allow you to select an image from your computer. Cue countless new cat memes. The new feature will soon appear on the mobile versions of Facebook as well. However, it is not yet available on fan pages, only regular profiles.
Up to now, it was possible to insert thumbnail images whenever you inserted a URL into the comment box. However, this new update bypasses the need for a URL and uploads the image directly to Facebook.
What would make the feature even better would be the ability to snap and upload images from your webcam. So if a friend leaves a status update, you will be able to instantly express your reaction using a webcam image of yourself.

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