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Stop Searching For Coupons! Promofly Will Find Them For You

The wait is now over. Promofly is finally open to everyone, with some nice new features to boot. If you love shopping online, this is a great way to save money easily.
Almost a year ago, I told you about Promofly — a service that helps you easily find and use valid promo codes for thousands of stores. Almost a year has passed, but nothing much changed in the promo-code arena. We’re still shopping online, and we’re still eager to find those cool codes that provide instant discounts off the products we want.
There are many websites in which you can find good deals. Some are better, some are worse, but the process of using them is pretty much the same. You realize you want a code, you Google it or head over to the website of your choice, look for it, try it, and pray that it works.
Another way to go about this is by using automatic coupon finders, but these too are not always reliable. Last time I used Promofly, it was very promising in both its accuracy and usability, but it was still in invite-only beta, and while we did provide our readers with some exclusive invites, not everyone could get in.

Recap: What Is Promofly?

Promofly is a free-to-use bookmarklet for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and IE (10+) that helps you find promo codes quickly and easily. There are several ways to use Promofly, depending on what you’re trying to find.
The first way to use Promofly is to find discounts for product you’ve already chosen. For example, you can click the Promofly bookmarklet when your shopping bag is already full, and Promofly can help you make sure you’re not missing any codes, and if there are, to quickly apply them to your purchase.
Alternatively, you can check Promofly first thing when you load the store’s website. If there are any promo codes available for that store, Promofly will show them to you, helping you decide what and if you want to buy. The third way to use Promofly is to explore is by category using the Explore tab. There’s also a search function, but it only works for store names, so it’s not very effective with stores that have non-descriptive names.

What’s New?

If you have sharp eyes and remember Promofly from last year, you’d have already noticed some differences. First of all, the bottom tabs have changed somewhat, from Browse, This Site and My Stash to Explore, This Store and Favorites. The change is almost entirely cosmetic, except for the My Stash to Favorites change.
While the My Stash tab was more of a recommendation tab which you couldn’t control, the Favorites tab is much more useful, letting you add stores to your favorite list so you can easily check if there are available codes in any of them.
The Favorites tab, while 10 times more useful than its predecessor, still requires some work. When you click it, you won’t actually see your favorites, but a list of the most valuable coupons Promofly can find for you right now. Only if you click the “Stores (A-Z)” link, and scroll all the way down, will you find your favorite stores. You can also use the Favorites tab to browse new and ending soon coupons — another new feature. Useful, but the mix-up between favorites and recommendations still exists.
Another significant improvement to the algorithm allows you to find similar codes if the store you’re in doesn’t offer any. For example, if you head over to IKEA and discover there are no codes currently available, you can immediately get an overview of the most valuable related coupons that are available.
As you can see, this is not always very accurate, unless you consider a MicroSD card to be furniture, but it’s a nice idea, and works pretty well most of the time.
Promofly claims to include over 5,000 stores, but if you happen upon a store that’s not in the database, you can now add it yourself, thus helping to improve the overall Promofly experience.

What Can Promofly Do For You?

While I do love Promofly as a service, and was highly impressed with it whenever I tried it, the new version is still not perfect.
Initially I had some trouble finding coupons where I knew ones were available, but it seems that it was just bad luck, as the coupons showed up a little while later. I also hit a snag where Promofly redirected me to a different store, which it then did not recognize, but this too seems to be a rare occurrence that happened due to the store recently changing its domain.
The search function is touch and go, and the Favorites tab, while loads better than it used it be, is still a bit confusing. I also got the above error screen several times when trying to add a store to my favorites.
With that said, Promofly is an excellent service that offers something no one else currently does. Not only does it make coupon-finding an easy task, it also helps you save money by finding related available discounts, and sorting them so you see the most valuable ones first. Even if it doesn’t perform 100% of the time, it’s still very reliable, and since there’s nothing to install but a simple bookmarklet, it’s not going to impact your browser performance in any way.
In short, if you do any amount of online shopping, give Promofly a try. You won’t be sorry.

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