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How to fix broken Menu in Kali Linux

Fix Broken Menu in Kali
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Suppose you have a broken menu in Kali Linux, 
for example,

  • You reordered them and now want the old menu back.
  • You deleted menu items.
  • You renamed them.
  • You accidentally dragged one into another.
  • You want to reinstall missing packages.
  • You removed some applications and can’t remember which one.
Don't Worry Just Start the terminal and follow the steps:

Remove and clean Kali-Menu:

apt-get remove --purge kali-menu && apt-get clean

Remove local applications in your profile:

rm -rf .local/share/applications

Remove Kali Menus from .config:

rm -rf .config/menus

Reboot Your System:


Reinstall Kali-Menu:

apt-get install kali-menu -y
This should solve your problem. 
Note: Follow the next step only if the problem is not yet solved.

Reinstall full-Kali-Linux:

apt-get install kali-linux-full -y
Now your broken menu in Kali Linux should be back in order. 

Note: MATE Desktop users needs additional steps to fix Kali Linux Menu. 

Stay Connected for to learn about it in our coming posts. 

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