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Popular iOS Apps Readmill, Mixbit Land On Android’s Play Store

It’s a bit annoying that several devs still prefer to launch first on iOS while making Android users wait, but with quality apps, we’ll celebrate the “better late than never”. The two latest apps to make their way to the Play Store are Mixbit and Readmill.


Mixbit is the brainchild of YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, and is kind of like Vine or Instagram Video. It lets users create and share videos of up to 16 seconds, but the emphasis here is on editing. For example, you can take up to 256 of your Mixbit videos and stitch them together to turn it into an hour-long video. The videos are shared anonymously, and are free to browse on the website. Users can also download these to remix them into their own videos.
The new Android app and an update to the iOS app come with a few new features, including the ability to download your project to your phone in one piece, choose between Quick, High, or Raw quality to control uploading speed, and selecting a thumbnail for your video.
You can grab Mixbit for Android at the Play Store.


iOS has a few neat e-readers like Marvin, but Readmill is one of the most beautiful. It has a clean, distraction-free interface and syncs across device, and it now does that on Android too.
Readmill automatically imports any ePub file on your device and has an ‘offline mode’ to start and finish books without an internet connection. File support for PDF books will be added soon, the company notes.
Currently, Readmill works on Android devices running v4 Ice Cream Sandwich and higher. You can download Readmill for free from the Play Store.

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