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Hackers Can Remotely Control Your Samsung Device Easily

More than 700 Million users of Samsung Galaxy smartphones, including the newly released Galaxy S6, are vulnerable to a software bug that allows hackers to secretly monitor the phone's camera and microphone, read text messages and install malicious apps.
The vulnerability is due to a problem with the Samsung built-in keyboard app that enables auto-correction for text.
One of the keyboard app version, SwiftKey IME, that comes prepackaged with Samsung's latest Galaxy smartphones could allow hackers to remotely execute code on user's phone even when they are not using the keyboard.

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Users can't escape this Defect

The app can't be uninstalled or disabled by the users of the Samsung smartphone devices, so it is up to Samsung to fix the critical bug.
The vulnerability was discovered by NowSecure mobile security researcher Ryan Welton, who notified Samsung about the bug in December 2014.
The keyboard app periodically prompts a server if it needs any updating, but Samsung devices do not encrypt the executable file, making it possible for any hacker to modify the traffic via an insecure Wi-Fi connection and send a malicious payload to a phone in order to gain control.
This process is usually known as a Man in the Middle or MITM attack, and encryption is often used to stop malicious hackers from exploiting them.
Swift has high privileges in the system, which means it can write files in a phone’s memory and can access most of its functions.
If exploited, the flaw could allow a hacker to secretly install malware on a user's smartphone and access the phone's microphone, camera, and GPS; snoop on text messages and calls; modify the behavior of other apps and even steal photographs and text messages from the phone.

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Here's the list of potentially vulnerable smartphone devices is a scary one.

The unprotected devices include Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 mini on major carriers even in India.

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