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Facebook features for people with disabilities, like vision loss and deafness.

Facebook wants everyone, at least on earth to be connected over facebook. Facebook is dedicated to creating a great experience for every person. Read about the built-in features and technologies that help people with disabilities, like vision loss and deafness, to get the most out of Facebook.

Facebook's mission is to make the world more open and connected.
And that goes for everyone.

285 million people are estimated to be visually impaired worldwide

39 million are blind.

To know more visit Accessibility Facebook Page 

Keyboard Shortcuts

What are keyboard shortcuts?

Facebook has shortcuts (access keys) for people who only use their keyboards to navigate. If you experience an issue using keyboard shortcuts, you can inform facebook by this link. Keep in mind that keyboard shortcuts can differ by the browser (ex: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox).

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Key Combinations for Different Browsers

Discover the right combination of keys for your browser in the list below, and replace # with the access key number listed under Access Keys below.

  • Internet Explorer for PC: Alt + #, then Enter
  • Firefox for PC: Shift + Alt + #
  • Safari for Mac: Ctrl + Opt + #
  • Firefox for Mac: Ctrl + Opt + #
  • Chrome for Mac: Ctrl + Opt + #
  • Chrome for PC: Alt + #

Access Keys:

  • 0 - Help
  • 1 - Home
  • 2 - Timeline
  • 3 - Friends
  • 4 - Inbox
  • 5 – Notifications
  • 6 – Settings
  • 7 - Activity Log
  • 8 - About
  • 9 - Terms

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News Feed Keyboard Shortcuts

Some common screen readers (ex: VoiceOver, JAWS) support Facebook's common keyboard shortcuts.
If you're using JAWS 16.0.2136 or higher, you first need to turn on Allow Web Application Reserved Keystrokes in the JAWS Settings Center or Quick Settings.

To turn on shortcuts for JAWS:

  1. Use Insert + F2.
  2. Select Run Settings Center.
  3. Search for "web app."
  4. Check the box next to Allow Web Applications Reserved Keystrokes. Make sure that you edit the default file.
If you're using VoiceOver, the keyboard shortcuts will automatically work:
  • j and k - Scroll between News Feed stories
  • enter/return - See more of the selected story
  • p - Post a new status
  • l - Like or unlike the selected story
  • c - Comment on the selected story
  • s - Share the selected story
  • o - Open an attachment from the selected story
  • / - Search
  • q - Search chat contacts
  • ? - Open a list of these keyboard shortcuts while in News Feed
Web Messenger Keyboard Shortcuts

  • CTRL + g - Search conversations
  • CTRL + q - Show/hide keyboard shortcuts
  • CTRL + Delete - Archive/unarchive conversation
  • CTRL + j - Mark as spam
  • CTRL + m - Start a new message
  • CTRL + i - Go to Inbox
  • CTRL + u - Go to Other

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Screen Readers Support

You can use Facebook's keyboard shortcuts with the following screen readers:

  • JAWS (Version 16+): Go to Settings Center or Quick Settings, and turn on Allow Web Application Reserved Keystrokes
  • Window-Eyes (Version 9.2+): Turn on Web Application Mode
  • VoiceOver (Any Version): Facebook's keyboard shortcuts will automatically work with VoiceOver
There are many third-party screen readers available. Learn which screen readers you can use for Facebook.

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