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Gadgets You must have in 2016 : You never knew they Exist.

Today we are listing in few gadgets you hardly knew exist
and would want in 2016.

  1. EVO : The Ultimate Companion for your smartphone

    About EVO

    EVO is an all in one smartphone companion, consists of Bluetooth Tracker, remote, Full solution charger, Flash Storage, Smart Stand, Power Bank.

    it replaces your charging cable and wall adapter for your iPhone or Android device, and has an internal 900 Mah power bank to give upto 4 hours of life to most smartphones
    EVO even has built in surge protection keeping your phone safe against any unforeseen circumstances.

    Adapter Expansion slot:


    Many phone manufacturers have stopped including expandable storage in their devices. We listened to our friends gripe about this and express their outrage. We wanted to take matters into our own hands and through EVO, we have an answer!
    Never run out of storage space anymore! With EVO you can expand the memory in your phone with up to 32GB thanks to its Micro-SD card slot, you potentially have "unlimited" storage by swapping cards. This will come in very handy, as the Bluetooth remote in EVO will allow you to take better selfies.



    If an average person spends 3,680 hours of their life searching for lost items, imagine how much time you can save thanks to EVO :

    Bluetooth Tracker

    EVO has a built in system on a chip (SOC) with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology to make sure you won’t lose your keys again! Using the app and EVO on your key-chain, you will always be able to find your keys in no time.

    Bluetooth Remote:

    The chip also allows us to integrate 3 shortcut buttons, configured through the EVO app. Through the different modes, you customize EVO to fit your lifestyle.

    The App:

    Camera Mode
    Music Mode
    EVO was engineered to be as compact and versatile as possible.


    The world’s first smart shower. 

  3. Emo Fix

    Capture Photos & Videos Without Touching Your Phone Take Awesome Selfies Capture Priceless Moments Record Life As It Goes

    Selfie 2.0:

    With EmoFix, selfies are a step ahead from traditional low quality front-side camera shots. High quality & easier than ever before.

    Water Resistant:

    Want to take pictures and shoot videos in the rain, while swimming or out at bay? We’ve got you covered. EmoFix works perfectly in every wet environment.

  4. AMPL Smart Bag

    Intelligently charge, protect and monitor your gear on-the-go. Leave your email address to be notified when we are ready to ship.

    Watch The Video

  5. BlueCarbon™


    BlueCarbon™ Bluetooth Earpiece. BlueCarbon™ is your smartphone call recording solution. With easy, wireless call recording, BlueCarbon™ is the ONLY Bluetooth headset on the market that can record both sides of a smartphone conversation. Furthermore, it securely stores the recordings on the headset itself. BlueCarbon™ boasts cutting edge technology in smartphone call recording, contained in an ultra-portable device.

    BlueCarbon™ is perfect for journalists, lawyers, sales managers, law enforcement officials, and anyone who needs a convenient and secure method to recall previous conversations, never losing another important detail!

    Currently, many devices and applications on the market are limited in recording as they are unable to record both sides of the conversation. However, devices that are capable are either bulky or incompatible.

    BlueCarbon™ records any conversation is passing through the phone; so if you’ve already got a device you’re comfortable with, BlueCarbon™ will simply record the call via your preferred device. As long as it’s paired with your device and within range, whether you’re using the BlueCarbon™ headset, or another Bluetooth-enabled headset or device, BlueCarbon™ will automatically record your conversations. When you want to retrieve your files, you can simply import them to your app or your computer in a few taps or clicks.

  6. B.One:

    Unbelievably Smart Built to learn.
    B.One logic engine runs on proprietary algorithms that learns from user behavior
    and gets smarter. It anticipates, predicts and notifies key activities
    or events to provide enhanced security and efficiency.

    Supported Technologies and protocols:

    Supported Devices:

    why B.one

    Loaded with Unique Features,

    Functions & Technology

  7. Defender 24/7™:

    Defender 24/7™ is the First Smart Personal Protection System

    24/7 Monitoring Service Alerts Law Enforcement and Medical Authorities

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