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Post bellow is going to highlight how  News Channels can do anything to increase their TRP.
The words on respecting women, are left far behind every time when it comes to earn money by such cheap NEWS channels.

Today I will highlight the recent news how without a second thought Media supported Vulgar act in Kanpur.

Today a group in kanpur started an initiative to keep watch on people defecating in open.

Its on people now to decide if this is really a good action taken or is it really going out by some vulgar thought.

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Even a high school student could easily run his brain for the problems that will be faced in near future due to this Drone.

Its not always male going out for open defecation in such areas.
A large number of female do have no option due to lack of toilets.

So what world has to think on this.

Those vulgar people never had a thought to build toilets for those people who don't have it but they could have a drone to capture videos that could further create crime.

Making a video of defecating in open is equal to an MMS which may further lead to MMS scandals in near future.

Is it really safe for our society to take such actions.

Do you'll really care for your female family.

Following is the link of news: Times


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