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Hacked Teacher Got fired - See why?

In October last year, a gay teacher was fired when his sex video with an adult male partner was posted on the school’s website — However, the news is out recently.

Reportedly, Brian Cody Bray was a teacher at a Maumelle Charter High School in Maumelle, situated in the suburb of Little Rock, Ark. Bray used to teach math and physics at the school.

The 29-year-old teacher was “mortified” after an unknown hacker acquired access to a video that showed him having sex with an adult male partner. The hacker posted this video file on the faculty page of the school’s website.

Bray was notified about the incident on September 29 by a co-worker via phone. While talking to Washington Blade, Bray stated that “Pretty much immediately after that phone call I went to the bathroom and threw up.”
He also explained his condition quite vividly. He said:

“I was just in shock that oh my God, this is something that will impact my career, impact my life and what am I going to do?”

The following week, Bray was summoned by the executive director and principal of the school for a meeting, during which he was asked about the footage. Bray tried to explain that his email account was hacked by someone because the hacker has gained access to all his usernames and passwords that he used for different accounts. Even his account on Dropbox was also hacked.

He continued that the Dropbox folder was immensely important because it contained that particular video recording in which an intimate encounter was recorded.

Bray created a website to explain the “cyber hate crime” incident and his position. There he has posted screenshots of his Dropbox folder, the name of which has been changed by the hacker from “Private” to “FagTeachBray.” This, according to Bray, is a clear sign that he was targeted by the hacker for being gay.

Bray also stated that he never discussed his sexual orientation with his students, ever. Yet, within the school, it was already a known fact that he was gay.

The Video that Got a teacher Fired:

The infamous video was posted firstly at the website of the school on Monday, Sep 28 and on that very same day a person named “Jonathan” started sending text messages to a student of Bray informing that his teacher was a “Fag” and that such a video has been posted online.

The screenshot of that text message has also been posted by Bray on his website. He believes that this Jonathan guy is the culprit behind this defaming incident. Bray also believes that Jonathan is not a student. The reason behind the text messaging, as per Bray, is that the cell number of that student was stored on his computer files along with other students’ numbers, so the hacker got hold of it.

Regarding his firing from the school, Bray states that he wasn’t a bit surprised when on Oct 8 Rob McGill, school district executive director and principal Kimberly Wills, informed him that he has been terminated. 

Bray says:
“Of course, I had to be dismissed at the time because I had lost any kind of authority with my students there.”

Bray said that initially, he thought that the decision was reasonable enough since he too wasn’t emotionally ready to resume teaching. However, now he thinks that school officials have been unfair to him since they have refused to provide him severance pay and has suggested to the school community that it was Bray’s fault.

Bray was told by the school’s officials that the incident has been reported to the Maumelle Police Department and also the Pulaski County’s Sheriff’s Office. In fact, he was told that the FBI was also involved in the case’s investigation. But, later on, he learned that no official report has been filed as of now.

So, he went ahead and filed a complaint from his side but he is not sure if any of the local law enforcement agencies would take this matter seriously, including the FBI.

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