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Removing Whatsapp profile pic for ISIS scare? Ignore the hoax, please

It was 11:04 today, tired with my long 3 days of programming to retrieve solutions for my corporate friend over his websites protection, I was just about to sleep when I received a Whatsapp forward message .

Really it would sound odd me writing about some personal message here, basically such messages are ignored by me.

But I really found it interesting where people claimed that Whatsapp hoax to be genuine.

It really was so idiotic of someone to create such message and was so foolish about people who forwarded it.

Today most of us are really annoyed with numbers of forward messages from the group we are connected over whatsapp,
May it be a long family group or our friends.

we have flooded our Phones with 1000.......n numbers of hoax messages, and many a times we are fooled too.

So what am I exactly talking about?

First it was the Facebook ‘privacy notice’ hoax, which many users shared thinking it would protect their data, and now it is a WhatsApp message that appears to be going viral.
Users might have noticed a new message getting shared extensively on WhatsApp, which claims to be from the Delhi Commissioner, and asks them to remove their WhatsApp profile pictures immediately.
And why should you do this? Apparently ISIS plans to rely on some of its hackers to steal these profile pictures, and misuse these for terrorist activities. The message claims WhatsApp’s CEO has also appealed to all users to remove the picture within the next 20-25 days, and users should forward the message to all, especially to girls.

In the end, the message is signed off by an A.K. Mittal, who claims to be an IPS, has given out a mobile number (9849436632 ) and claims to be Commissioner Delhi. According to Truecaller, the number is listed as belonging to an Arshad Ali, and has been reported as spam.
The message reads something like this:
IMPORTANT NOTICE_* Hi Friends Jis kisiki bhi whatsapp pe profile pic khud ki ho to jald-se-jald badal do. Kyuki whatsapp pe ISIS apne Aatanki gatividhiyon ke liye or kuch aise hackers aaye hai jnke paas aapka whatsapp no hai. Wo log us profile photo ka galat use kar rahe hai. Whatsapp ke CEO ne request ki hai ki agle 20-25 din tk khud ki profile photo na rkhe. Whatsapp ke engineers aapko safe ke liye aapke saath co-operate karenge. Is msg ko aage forward karo, khas krke ladkiyon ke liye. _____________ Thank You. _____________ A.K. Mittal(IPS) 9849436632 *_Commissioner Delhi._* . Pls forward to all your frnds ones too.. 
WhatsApp forward messages are the most annoying things as some of us who are part of regular family groups might know. Messages with ludicrous claims surrounding health, safety, etc are shared quite often on the app, especially in India where WhatsApp is a favourite.
But the truth is most of these are hoax messages and forwarding them is the same as those stupid chain emails that people hated. In short, if you get this message, tell your friends in the group: It’s a fraud.

Now something for the sharers who always forget to read the terms and conditions whenever they recieve an update of any software and thats same for whatsapp.

Today I'll be informing you about one single fact. The fact that every screen of whatsapp shouts regularly to its users very loud and clear.

Now I dont find any need to explain what end-to-end protection is exactly about.
but if your really want to you can really read my old post on whatsapps end -to-end protection.

Fake Message Verified by ABP news, Times Express, Zee news. Dear forwarders I would suggest Start watching news and stay connected to real world facts

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