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Check Now If You Are Open to Hackers

We’re entering a new age where all of the devices are getting connected to the internet and interacting with each other:  watches, refrigerators, speakers, vehicles, door locks, and even clothes! It’s called the Internet of Things and it’s much interesting.

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But it is always connected with numerous risks — not only security risks, even is the threat to your personal privacy. You don't understand it, but any device that connects to the internet can possibly be hacked.

That's why you need to use this free tool now.

Bullguard, an industry-leading developer of security software, has an online tool called IoT Scanner. It scans any internet-connected device or network to see if there are any vulnerabilities that can be exploited to gain access to said device or network.

If it does find a security vulnerability, it’ll give you details of the problem that you can use as a first step toward bolstering your network security. Give it a try. It can’t hurt. Run the Deep Scan if you can.

Note that even if the IoT Scanner gives you the green light, you should know that there are some internet-capable devices that you should never connect to the Internet of Things.

  • Cars
  • Baby monitors
  • Home IP Cameras

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