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Hackers use Android Apps for Sex Extortion by Blackmailing you.

Since decades, cyber crooks have tricked people into giving out embarrassing sexual content online and later blackmail using such contents. This trick has become simpler to be conducted with the evolution of an Android app that promotes sex blackmail.

ETHICAL HACKERS CLUB, an Indian Cyber Security Group brought into account how Hackers design a highly advanced Android Apps and list of tools that record victim's online account passwords and other data, we would even like to bring into account that hackers even breach into Industries like Facebook and Google servers to gain user data collected by such industries for enhancing the possibilities for them to blackmail users.

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In our further research, we also found that Black Hat Hackers use your android Phones to force you in paying them for your sensitive data.
We also found that the blackmailers first attract their victims with some online chatting tools and online dating and friendship sites like facebook for setting the trap and then they simulate messaging or audio issues so that the victims are convinced into downloading malicious contents. These hackers tap their phonebook records, passwords stored on the device and also the phone number.

In some conditions, the app can change the device into a recording tool that can capture incoming and outgoing calls as well as text messages.

This is truly an advanced moneymaking program that has increased security-related problems on the Internet. Particularly in last two years, such projects have become extremely advanced and elaborative.

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In April 2013, the Philippine National Police and Interpol along with law enforcement agencies throughout the world collaborated and arrested around 58 individuals in the Philippines. The people were accused of showing themselves as attractive females on Facebook to bribe victims into having sexual video communications. According to Interpol, this group demanded payments ranging between ₹33408 and ₹100222 after recording the videos.

Same is the case for girls where Huge data were collected from tech giant servers to blackmail girls, many a time creating fake adult contents using their pictures.

Such issues are not much far from us, India and Indian women are facing the same problem. Recently, Hyderabad Cyber Crime Police of Cyberabad arrested a Teen hacker  for blackmailing a woman.

Similarly, in March 2014, Japanese police caught two suspects for their possible links with a blackmail gang. Police investigated their digital devices and bank accounts and it was recognized that this gang managed to make more than ₹1937635 by attracting 22 victims between Dec 2013 and Jan 2014.

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Through their social media, email, and bank account info, Ethical Hackers Club identified some of the hackers indulging in such act and the monetary transactions were made to from Pakistan and China. The security firm also gained proof that many accounts were opened by the criminals for executing extortion attacks. According to the team, each attack lasted for two to three weeks. It is also recognized that the victims largely belonged to India, Korea, and China. According to Ethical Hackers Club.

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