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One more step towards Safer Digital India.

Finally, Ethical Hackers Club moves one more step forward to take India Closer to technology and to improve cyber intelligence amongst people.

Long back in 2010, when we began our ambition to assist people to find resolutions for their concerns associated with their systems, smartphones, Networks, Servers, Websites and every tech. It was very easy for our team to stay connected with people just by a single website.
It was very convenient for our team to bring people closer to the solutions required. 
But things are getting changed each and every second in today's world of technology and so are the exploits.

When we started our initiative to strengthen cyber intelligence in India, there were some out there who tried to get down Indias ability. 
The group and Chinese and Pakistani hackers tried to hack our site many times. It was really a sad news for our spectators when our site "How To Be Safe from Hackers" got hacked on 29/August/2016. 
That was the day when we realized how significant cyber security is for Indian People.
If a site which was controlled by our Creative team. By a group of cyber security experts, IT professionals, Mechanical, and civil Engineers can get hacked nothing else would be secure.
Our team worked hard in finding out the solutions for our own goals and even to secure Indian users. 
Ultimately, we came out with a solution and thanks to google we got a most secure hosting. 

Our team evolved out with a conclusion that in the developing world of technology, Simply depending on a website wasn't sufficient.
We determined to move ahead to walk foot by foot with the overrunning technology, and so we build an App for our Android and Apple Users. 

Now finally everyone can really and easily stay connected with Us, Can contact us at their convenient so go ahead and check our app.

Download EHC for Android and I-OS Now

Stay Connected Stay Protected.

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