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Dear Parents, It's Time to Grow up now

A new child in the family is always the center of attraction. The proud parents are so amazed by their baby’s looks and feats that they want the whole world to share their joy. The days of carrying the photos of children in the purse or wallet and whipping them out to proudly display are outdated; now technology has made it feasible to share the baby’s activities in real-time . Parents frequently use their social media as digital baby journals. The excitement is natural, but things could go overboard if they overshare.
Most parents in their interest think that everyone would love to be witness to their child’s antics and actions, all this while ignoring the future outcomes of their actions. Fast ahead to 10 years and I can hear the teen yelling in shock, “Mom! You shared my ‘diaper dance’ video online?  How could you? My friends are going to make fun of me if they see this.”
Wait! there, parents! Hold the lines and take a break from your photo-sharing regimen. Will your child take warmly to all the pictures you have shared over the years without their approval and awareness? Or will there be anger, humiliation and a breakdown of trust in the agitated teens?

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To avoid all of this here is a quick review on cyber behavior for parents.

Let’s start by my favorite cyber safety mantra; in fact, speculate on it –

Time is not moving away, neither is social media going to die. Pay attention to each photo you intend to share online. Who will see it? Can it be misunderstood or misused? Will it embarrass the child in the future?
Additionally, there are other reasons why you should avoid sharing photos of your kids online on a regular basis; in our terms, we say - it's a Too Much Information (TMI). The more information you upload regarding your child online, the higher risk you expose it to:
The child becomes a digital citizen and thus holds the danger of having their identity stolen.
Pictures posted online may be shared further and maybe misused,
Pictures may reveal location unless you change your settings.
Social media often pass pictures on to third parties and advertisers may target you.
If your account gets hacked, your photos will fall into the wrong hands

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Let’s talk about what you should unquestionably not share online. Yes, I know it’s your page and you have the freedom to share what you like and what harm can a cute baby photo do anyhow, correct?  You would be shocked to discover that sharing such pictures, might make you the target of public shaming over your parenting technique.

The kind of photos that are definitely a no-no:

  • Bath time
  • Around school or house (Displaying Name or Location)
  • Sporting weird hairstyles or dress
  • Age-inappropriate postures
Keep in mind what’s shared online may get re-shared and go viral especially videos.

Cyber etiquette: Appreciate others’ need for privacy and don’t share photos of others or tag them without permission.

Your child will be a digital citizen right from birth and will be fighting with maintaining a respectable online identity all his/her life. As a parent/guardian, the responsibility is yours to assure that your child rises with a clean set of digital traces. Follow reliable sharing, keep out names and addresses from posts and assure your device does not get compromised by using advanced comprehensive security software.

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