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Get Detailed Calculations of Your Sim Card & Wi-Fi Usage.


Get all the Statistics of call logs and their total call conversation using this cool app to get entire records and their stats in your android

Examining the records make you work better in every field and today in this tech world there are cool analytics tools available at your finger tip to examine the reports and there are few apps that can help you get the stats of multiple things. Today Ethical Hackers' Club here with a cool program for getting statistics for each contact on your android device. Yes, it’s possible and you can easily do this on your android and you can get complete stats of all the calls logs and history details. So have a look on comprehensive guide explained below.

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How to View Call Statistics for Each Contact on your Android Phone

The method is quite easy and reliable, you will just need to install an android app "Callistics - Data usage, Calls" that will help you in getting all the stats of call records with history data and the names of the contacts and their details for which time you had called. Just follow up the below steps to proceed.

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★ Material design
★ Android data counter, call and message statistics
★ Dual sim support
★ data usage, messages and call statistics and charts for actual period
★ data usage, messages and call statistics and charts for specific days
★ Data manager for – 3G, 4G, LTE, GPRS, Wifi, WLAN
★ Android data usage with information about consumption per application.
★ nice widgets
★ nice widgets
★broadband usage meter
★ data usage widget, calls widget and messages widget
★ Nice widget with information for limits of data usage, messages and calls.
★ Summary screen with calls, messages and data usage
★ Overview of calls, messages and data usage
★ List of contacts ordered by number of call minutes or messages
★ List of application ordered by data usage
★ Data usage chart, calls chart and messages chart
★ Metrics provided per contact
★ Metrics provided per application
★ Metrics on contacts number of incoming and outgoing calls and messages per day
★ Number of incoming and outgoing calls and messages for day and contact
★ Number of incoming and outgoing calls and messages for all period and contact
★ Phone call log history
★ Call history
★ Call log (Call logging) and messages log for each contact
★ Call details
★ Set up alarms for the usage of your plan
-Notification after reaching a set time of outgoing calls, number outgoing messages, megabytes mobile data usage.
★ Billing period setting
★ Excluded (ignore) numbers list (calls where you have free calls and free messages)
★ Excluded number list separated for calls and messages
★ not running in the background all the time – save your battery
★ data manager and data counter for mobile data usage, wifi data usage, and roaming data usage
★ data usage per application
★ cellular data usage
★ Set up alarms for the usage of your plan
★ Call billing increment in settings

Steps To View Call Statistics for Each Contact on Android:

  1. First of all, in your android device you need a cool android app that is Callistics – Data usage, Calls the app that will allow you to get the call statics in your android.
  2. Now grant the permission to make and manage phone calls, Contacts, and SMS.

  3. The app will now scan all the call details and logs and will generate the report of all the calls.

  4. You will also get the details of SMS, For that simply select the tab “Messaging”.

  5. You can also know about your data usage. Simply select the tab “Data” for that.

This is you can view complete statistics for each contact on your Android device. Besides, you will even get to know about your data usage and SMS records too.

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