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Do you trust Your Shopping App

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India is faster turning to be Digital. After the demonetization act by our Prime Minister future is clearly visible and soon people will change their life long habits from cash to cashless and it's very clear people will start using online shopping apps.
While it's a great step in the prosperity of nation it even is associated with large and over growing Cyber threats.
Cyber criminals are advancing each day, and now attacks are more created for profit instead of fun.

Recent news reports note that fake Online Shopping, retail and product apps have shown up in Apple’s App Store and the Google Play store. It seems to be the best timing by cyber criminals on account of demonetization and the holiday shopping season, soon to begin.

Simply downloaded a shopping app from a legitimate app store doesn’t mean the app is legitimate itself.

The New York Times reports about the fake retail apps being published on app store.  While the  New York Post states about the Fake shopping apps are invading the iPhone.
CNET and Ethical Hackers Club too have always warned about the same.

While some of the apps are relatively harmless, there always are risks to be concerned about:

  • Providing your credit card information could lead to potential financial fraud associated with card theft.
  • fake apps could contain ransomware or malware that can steal personal information & even lock the device until the user pays a ransom.
  • Scammers can use  fakes apps to encourage users to log in using their social media credentials, potentially exposing sensitive personal information by the use of phishing attacks.

whats the best ways to make sure you’re downloading an authorized app? 

Go to your preferred retailer’s website to look for links to download the company’s genuine apps. Those links will take you to the retailer’s legitimate app on the app stores.

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