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Instagram Dives for Even Better Experience For it's Users

Image: Credits to Instagram

The technology that you love has always got something new for you.
And When it's about Instagram it's regularly on the verge of something better, whether it's Stories, disappearing photos, or expanding the video time from 15 seconds to a full minute.

But wait, it's not the end yet when they've added yet another awesome feature: The ability to save posts you’d like to revisit later.
Previously Instagram provided no options to save the post which you mostly are found of led you in taking screenshots of the post. You were left out with an option to remember the name of the person who posted it and then to go back search the post you liked to share it on messenger or any other social networking.
Finally, Instagram ends your trouble with its momentous update.
Instagram provides you a bookmark tab below the post you'd love to save for later use making it a new private tab on your profile. Find out more on the Instagram blog here.

Starting early night yesterday, Instagram will let you save a post right from your feed by tapping a bookmark icon underneath that post. It will then save the post in a private tab that's only visible to you in your own account.

Image: Credits to Instagram

It really a great step for even better Insta experience. This new feature will certainly come in handy for many of us.
While Facebook mastered this technique long ago, it might be one of the only platforms to have done so. I don't even know of a way to save tweets on Twitter, aside from copying the link to it and saving it on my own or marking it with a heart. But look out Facebook! This new Instagram update is certain to make for a more convenient experience for users everywhere.

Saved posts are part of Instagram version 10.2; go ahead and update your app, and the ability to hang onto your favorites for later will soon be yours.

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