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EHC has worked with law enforcement agencies since 2010.  We recognize that in dealing with cyber crime, many LEAs are limited by budget, staffing, and case priority.  Also, in many jurisdictions, advanced training in cyber crime investigation may not be possible or may be limited to a few officers or investigators.  

EHC understands that due to the nature of this crime, some cases may go uninvestigated or unsolved. Unfortunately, victims do not realize what is necessary to bring an offender to justice. Most Cyber crimes are multi-jurisdictional, time-consuming, and difficult to solve.  Effective communication between law enforcement and the victim is often the key to a cooperative victim who helps the case go forward.

EHC supports the victim in finding Good Lawyers to support them.
If you are a lawyer and wish to get yourself published on our site, and you wish to support victims with your words and knowledge.

Benefits for lawyers: 

  • Get Recognized by the world.
  • Get More Cases.
India is growing digital by mid of 2017 there will be drastic increase in cyber crime and there will be need for cyber crime lawyers.

If we can be of service to you in any way do not hesitate to contact us either by phone +91.9158669195 or by sending an email to Bhairav Bose at bhairav.bose@secrettosuccess.in
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