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Victim Assistance

When you are a victim of Cyber Crime someone else has used your information/identity as if it were their own.  There are different types of Cyber Crime and there is a different resolution process for each.
Remember, if you aren’t sure about what you need, you can always call us at +919975757080 for one-on-one assistance.

We provide Solutions with the help of our legal advisers, We have our team of expert lawyers to fight cyber crime cases, where ever required by the victims.

List of services:

Removing your Pictures from the fake profile.
Deleting Profiles created to harass you.
Deleting inappropriate Profiles from social media.
Antivirus and other Security Tools.
Data Recovery.
Ransomware protection.
ID theft protection.
System Protections.

To find more Contact us on +919975757080 or email us on support@ethicalhackersclub.in
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