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Lock an Android App With Your Face


Ability to lock Specific app on your smartphone is the feature you have always been looking for. You always had the options like App locker and other such apps which provided you with solutions to lock the specific app you wanted to protect them from others. 

While app locker provided you the great ability to lock a specific app with a password, it was yet easy for someone to open it watching your password by shoulder sniffing or other methods. 

Although I never prefer using Android Phones or iOS While I used I always preferred App Locker myself as my phone goes in many hands and I need a layer of privacy for few of my apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, and other messaging apps. 

I've always posted about Android Security in past. But, today I am posting about an interesting app called IObit Applock. 
What's so good about IObit Applock is that it uses your face as a password. 

Facial Recognition has always been one of the best security features of the technology. While it makes it very easy for you to unlock the app on another side it gets impossible for anyone to use them without your concent. 

Also, the app is Free as for now. and offers a lot of great features, so I'll show you how to set it up below..

How to Install IObit Applock:

To get the app Follow the link bellow to Download the app From Google Play Store.
Download IObit AppLock

Create a Password to Grant Access:

Face-Lock-for Androidfacelock-for Android-App

Once the app is installed open it and you'll be asked to set an initial password to start the process. 
Once the password is set, input the email to use as backup security and click Bind. If you are using Android 5.0 or above you will have to grant permissions to allow IObit Applock work.

Provide Admin Access 

Now that you've finished with initial setups you can now go ahead and allow admin permissions so that no one else can't just uninstall IObit Applock to get around its app-locking features.

Tap Side navigation menu of the app and select "Security Center." Tap on "Avoid Being Uninstalled," and the app will prompt you to enable device administrator access. Select "Activate" on this message, and the app will now need to be disabled by the owner to be uninstalled.

Lock the Apps & Enable Face Scanning

Go back to the main screen and select which apps you want to lock by tapping them in the list. Once you've done that, swipe down to refresh the list. From here, you'll see three icons next to each locked app—to enable face unlocking for any app, simply tap the first of the three icons, then follow the prompts to let IObit Applock scan your face. When you're done there, you can go back and enable the face locking feature for other apps by tapping the first of the three icons again.

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