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Adult Site Leaks Women's Private Pictures.

Adult Site Leaks Women's Private Pictures.
Adult Sites Leak Private Data

Skirt club has been known for bringing bisexual" women together since 2014. It has been a place for lesbian and bisexual women to play out their fantasies. It declares on its website that the members can meet and have sex at Skirt Club parties "away from the prying eyes of men".

While the site and Club have been known for being discreet, it doesn't seem to be so privacy concern when it comes to online privacy.

The club’s website privacy disclaimer says:

"Skirt Club takes your privacy seriously.
Privacy Policy
We take the privacy rights of users of this Site very seriously and seek to ensure the highest standards of compliance with UK Data Protection Laws and Regulations. This Privacy Policy is incorporated in and subject to the Site Terms and Conditions. This Privacy Policy explains to You (as relevant) or otherwise use the Site. You expressly consent to the use of Your Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

1. Your Data
1.1 “Your Data” means any information about You which is personally identifiable, including, without limitation, Your name, address, telephone number, email address, financial details, Member Name, Password, comments, profiles, personal descriptions, photos and other information from which You can be identified and which You may disclose to Us or otherwise via the Site at any time.

5. Data Security
5.1 We endeavour to take all reasonable steps to protect Your Data. All the Data collected by Us is stored on a secure server. The secure server software encrypts all information You input before it is sent to Us."

Well, it doesn't seem to be so clear according to Vice When it reported that skirt clubs members pictures were left open so that they can be easily accessible online.  With more than about 5000 members pictures of which many are not open about this part of their lives. 

Vice included an example of those compromised: a 39-year-old woman who had been married for 15 years and said in her profile that “No one knows that I am bi in my environment. Not my kids, my friends or clients.”

Vice published a feature on Skirt Club in October 2016, which is probably why it was contacted about this. Vice explained:

In December 2016, several anonymous sources contacted editors of VICE Germany and Motherboard Germany about serious security issues with the website. After they looked into those claims, the editors found that at that time, thousands of personal images that members had uploaded in order to join Skirt Club were accessible to non-members – photos of users partially or fully naked, often recognizable, sometimes even with their names mentioned in the image. You didn’t need to hack the site to see – they weren’t password protected and anyone curious enough to make a bit of an effort could view and download the photos.

Be Safe:

Those with unusual sex lives who sign up for such sites can take steps to secure their privacy. 

Which includes: 

1. Remove any metadata from any photographs you upload.
2. Making sure that any photographs you upload haven’t been posted anywhere else (so that they can’t be turned up by a reverse image search)
3. Edit pictures you submit on your own machine, not via an editor function on the website.
4. Don't use your Primary Email to signup for such sites.
5. Don't use your primary payment details to pay for such sites.

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