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iPhone BUG that can spread through Messages

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A researcher discovered a bug which can crash iPhone by a single text message.
The bug flaw makes the Apple Message app inoperable, making it impossible to read text messages or iMessages. The flaw is so severe, that the app will continue to crash even when the user closes it or reboot the device.

The Exploit is initiated by a single click on vCard ( a contact file ) containing heavy data text file in the form of code. When the Messages app opens the message, it freezes displaying a white screen.

What out how the exploit works

You would try to reboot your device, but that will be of no use the scripts in the text are so complicated that when you reboot your device the iPhone will try to reopen the text. 
The bug is similar to the “Effective Power BUG” discovered in May 2015, when users noticed that a text message containing a string of Arabic text would crash phones.

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