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It's time to Start Learning Parents - Your Digital Responsibilities.

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While nature has stopped evolving human race further, the internet is evolving on a daily basis, oh, actually it's changing each second. and it can be a good excuse for parents to say,  "We simply can't keep up!"

What they forget is that their responsibilities as a parent have increased with the growth of the internet and social media. Staying in touch with technology updates and your child's social behavior online is now part of parenting today.
Clearly, you don't have any other option.

While we introduced Cyber Intelligent Schools Program to implement cyber-awareness, We must agree that the gap lies with the parents.

While I've talked in many schools in response I always received from schools was that "one of the hardest things to do is getting parents involved & It's a challenge motivating parents to attend workshops or conferences about digital parenting."

Sadly, the worse headline like that of the young teen facing cyberbullying took her life in front of her family - to give parents a moment of pause. Most parents believe these things could never happen to them - or their community.

Despite Ethical Hackers Club Research has shown about 80% of Girls online face Cyber Crime Attacks.

Interestingly 70% of the parents surveyed believe they are good technology role models for their children. But is it the reality?

Do parents need to be reminded of their responsibilities?

Like our kids, grown-ups too seems to be digitally connected the whole day. We want our children to be involved in digital literacy classes, but are we learning too?

  • Are you disconnecting the internet when talking to your friends?

  • Are you recalling your cyber-manners when dropping comments on social media?

  • Are you requesting permission before posting pictures of friends or relatives?

  • Is your Internet disconnected during mealtime?

  • Are you texting while driving?

Be an interested parent and face virtual reality.

For most parents, they are frustrated with all these new apps, live streaming, sites and technology that seem to have never ending borders. It's time for parents to take a stand- there will never be a day you will master every app or how to Tweet or even Facebook Live, however, you must be a parent that is interested in learning about all of it.  
Why? Because your kids are!

There's never an end to learning, and When it comes to technology, You're never too old to learn .

L - Link up with your Kids Online. You may be busy in your own circle but you must link up with your Kid's Profile online.
E- Explain Your Kids About Social Scams and Crime.
A - Advance your Cyber Security Skills to protect your Kids from online Risks. 
R- Reach out to other parents, relatives, and friends. Share and learn from each other about cyber safety, apps and discuss what their kids are doing online. Chances are good - your child is also using the same sites.
N - Never stop being Interested! Take it as your Goal to keep your child safe in the tech-savvy world.

Secret to Success & Ethical Hackers Club encourages students to be cyber intelligent. It's time for parents to set an example in this role too.

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