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Parents' Guide to Cyber Bullying - Part One

Parents Corner

Cyber Bullying is the issue of global concern in today's not so social - Social World. While the Whole World is worried about Cyber Bullying India is still not so worried by it's "चलता है" Attitude.

According to the online survey conducted by Ethical Hackers Club, we found 78% of youth & Teens while about 10% elders have faced cyber-bullying on the regular basis online. 

It was not the end of the survey when we found about 5% of Cyber Bullying have cost lives.  

So What was the solution?

Surely There wasn't any solution yet. 
But When we tried to work on the solution we found it can be just so easy and that's when we started an initiative to fight back cyber bullying. 

So what exactly was the solution?

It was clearly very simple by the following steps:-

  • Knowing about Cyber Bullying was the first & the most important step.
  • Getting Connected To Fight Back Cyber Bullying Was The Second Most Important Step.
  • Reporting Cyber Bullying at Right Place & Right Time Was The Third Step.
Steps Involved were really not so simple but Ethical Hackers Club has started an initiative to Make all the Steps Easy in India.

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