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Parents' Guide to Cyber Bullying - Part Two

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Hello Dear Parents and welcome to the second part of Parents' Guide to Cyber Bullying. 

This is the continuation of the Parents' Guide to Cyber Bullying - Part One where we will be discussing in depth about how to tackle Cyber Bullying Faced by your Child.

So let's Go ahead and Find out more from the steps we discussed in Part one.
Let's start by Knowing about Cyber Bullying which is the most important step. 

While we talk about Cyber Bullying most of the parents want to know what exactly is Cyber Bullying? 

So lets find out bellow:

1. What is Cyber Bullying? 

For most of the others, Cyber Bullying is simply a Bullying only that it occurs online. But as Ethical Hackers Club states that it involves repeated harassment.

2. How likely can your child be cyber-bullied? 

The rate of Cyber Bullying on Teens is 5% as stated by other countries, But when we collected data about 30% teens across India face Cyber Bullying.
Today for every Kid being online simply means social media which has no controls and privacy. so no single individual has complete control over what happens in digital spaces. Research has found that a child's emotional makeup and home and school environments predict online risk better than any technology he or she uses. 

3. How do You know if Your child is being cyber-bullied? 

Even if you are satisfied with your kids’ emotional state, social skills, and companion relations. The essential factors in how well their online & offline activities operate.  It’s a great approach to ask your child if cyber-bullying’s going on with them or any of their friends. Surely you won't get the clear reply but get engaged with their online activity. Be connected with their online activity. See what they know about cyber-bullying, ask if they know others who have experienced it, Ask them if they know what could they do if they are facing cyber-bullying.   Check If they are obsessed with checking text messages and social apps frequently, it could be because they're worried about what's being said about them. It might not be bullying but surely your child may be in need of a little extra support. Research advises that parents must have a watch on the signs such as difficulty in sleeping, frequent nightmares, decreasing grades, not willing to go to school, feelings of helplessness or decreased self-self-confidence.  

4. What's the best way to keep cyber-bullying out of your child's life? 

Social Media is vast and every child's social experience is unique. There can't be a single answer for every child. If your child does experience cyber-bullying, supportive parenting can go a long way toward reducing the impact. If you know of a child in crisis, go to our Websites Students Corner for Youth. If there's a serious threat of physical harm, contact us to find perfect Solution. or leave a message on our Facebook page straight from our Site.

Parents, Lets Get Together To Stop Cyber Bullying in India

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