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Super Mario Malware Can Hack Your Android

Super Mario Malware Can Hack Your Android
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There's no doubt how trending Super Mario has been since long decades, since the time Nintendo launched its Digital character Mario as "Jumpman" in the arcade game Donkey Kong on July 9, 1981.
Mario has been an all-time favorite of every child and even many adults. And the same was seen when Super Mario Run was released for iOs. 

It is always noticed that malicious hackers are waiting to clone most trending apps to use them for their corrupt activities in order to steal personal and financial data of users. 

The well-known Marcher malware is now being encrypted into cloned Super Mario Run apk. 

The Marcher malware was distributed in the underground community of hackers and is in existence since 2013. Marcher Malware is very famous to steal your bank details. 

Marcher Malware has been transformed in many ways for android users and the most recent transformation is where it pretends to be Super Mario Run and asks users to make payment to purchase Mario Service.

How to Stay Safe from the hack

First and the most important thing to be known is that Super Mario Run is not yet launched for Android Devices. To find out more about the release on the "Pre-register" option for android users by Nintendo.

There's no option for now that android users can use the iOs app on android so be safe from scams like ios emulators or any of such to use Super Mario Run. 

Keep your friends and family safe. 

If you find someone trying to use Super Mario Run on the android device, warn them and inform them about the "pre-register" page. 

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