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2 Most Secure Messengers as Compared to WhatsApp.

Whatsapp Secure Alternatives

Many of my readers were worried when WhatsApp became the part of facebook. Social Media Giant has never had a good reputation on its user's privacy. To end such doubts and to make good books in users mind WhatsApp introduced End-to-End encryption but still researchers in underground web discuss on the authenticity of WhatsApp's claim for privacy and they declare using most secure alternatives Listed below.



Many Cyber Security Experts have been claiming that you can trust Signal to safeguard your privacy. And the app itself couldn’t be simpler. You can send messages that include all sorts of files and even make encrypted calls. All for free. The fact that you don’t need another username is a big bonus for usability. Just sign up with your phone number, and you’re set to go. Open Whisper Systems, the creators of Signal, don’t have access to any of your messages or your encrypted calls, ensuring total security.

Download Signal for iOS (free)
Download Signal for Android (free)



telegram gives support for textual content, snapshots, videos, audio, and files. you could set a timer for your message to self-destruct, erasing it from the receiving tool, but that is optionally available. Telegram looks as if a text-messaging client with study receipts. you have got the option of changing the message background to inject some variety into your messaging, as nicely. 
Being a non-profit company, the app is free and is ad-free. Their website says that they’re  “constructing a messenger for the people,” and that if the organization runs out of money, they’ll add a link to the app for donations or create a few non-important paid options. you can additionally get computing device customers for the telegram, which may be very handy.
Telegram’s encryption is “based on 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption, and Diffie–Hellman secures key exchange.” The method of encryption was created specifically for this project and is open-source. Telegram offers the ability to start “secret chats,” which use full end-to-end encryption, aren’t stored on the Telegram servers, and self-destruct after a set time for sending extra-secure data.

This encryption doesn’t slow down the sending of messages, though—when testing the app, messages that I sent were transmitted almost instantly, making it a great IM-like client. Uploading and transmitting a 1.5-MB document took a bit longer.

Download Telegram for iOS (free)

Download Telegram for Android (Free)

Both the Apps are great options for replacing WhatsApp if you’re worried about information privacy. The organizations behind them are committed to security, they offer high-grade encryption, and you maintain full control over who sees your information. 

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