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Are You Being Watched In Your Luxury Hotel Room?

Hotel Cyber Security
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Cyber Criminals are getting more sophisticated with their attacks and they very well know the best places to target. Since the start of the word Ransomware, there hardly has been any place left out with ransomware attacks. The same was seen once again as the biggest threat to every individual even if you are not the user of any tech savvy gadget. 

It was when the Romantic Seehotel Jäegerwirt 4-Star Hotel was victimized to ransomware attack that watched guests inside and out of their rooms and the Victims were hundreds of guests of a luxurious hotel in Austria.
The malware infected the systems at the hotel and hotel administrators paid ransom to restore a normal operation. The hotel administrators accepted they paid €1,500 as the ransom to get things fixed, and they also declared it was not the first time that their system faced cyber attack. 

According to the news agency, cyber criminals gained access to the general computer system getting controls to almost every activity at the luxury hotel, including the reservation system and the cash desk system.
Even after the payment of the ransom, hackers left a backdoor to the hotel system and conduct further attacks later. The IT staff at hotel fixed the backdoor and also adopted further security measures to stay safe from further attacks.
Although the hotel was great to disclose the story publically but how many hotels would do the same?

The attack has brought many questions to in minds of our team.
Was it the only one hotel being attacked?
Are Hotels going to publically disclose such cases?
And are the hotel systems trustworthy enough for its customer's privacy and Security?

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