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Love or Romance Scam
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Valentine's day is just at its end but how can Ethical Hackers Club stop its work to keep you updated.
Online dating is nothing new to be explained to anyone today, most of you some day or the other would surely have used some form of online dating site. Maybe you were frustrated with your relationship, We're lonely or maybe you have your different ways to join but surely many would have tried.  but this has made it easier for a scammer to find new victims. There are a number of factors that make people fall for romance scams, and they’re very provoking.
Many online romance seekers have been hurt in previous relationships and they see the internet as a way to connect without becoming too vulnerable or risking getting hurt again. 

But they don't try to understand scammers are waiting to hurt them even more. 
But most of such scammers rely on a few common things, they need an instant, complimentary relationship with the victim, and they have an evergreen excuse for why they can’t communicate often. Which may involve log distance long distance employment or may be some of the same sought. Scammers profile picture will usually very good looking but not so gorgeous so that it can seem to be genuine, his/her persona will be successful but not too wealthy, 

There’s another tactic that scammers rely on, and which has been a most relevant way to catch the trust. Withing a few conversations you may have the talk " never having felt like this before, Even in the previous relationship", and more.
Once the trust is developed and you start believing for the lifelong togetherness, it's the time to hit the goal. A scammer won't come out and demand money for some reason, so you will get a good to hear a story. He’s currently at some remote location and his mother has been hospitalized. He has money but he is not able to send it due to some reasons- and the poor woman needs medication. The victim feels pity for the poor women and happily sends the money.

And there could be many of such reasons coming around. 
Unfortunately, such scams are very easy to victimize people. 
It’s important to know the warning signs and red flags, like relationships that turn serious too quickly, strange excuses for the other person’s behavior, and as always, requests for money. Many couples have proven that online romances can turn into a happily ever after, but only if you’re cautious and protect yourself.

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