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Cosmic Rays Entering Earth From Mars Complete HOAX

Cosmic Hoax
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A threatening message being circulated by some fools claims that potentially dangerous cosmic rays will be entering the Earth from Mars between 10:30 pm (or 12:30 am) and 3:30 am tonight and users should switch off their mobile devices. The message claims that the information comes from BBC News.

It's been a long time since when Ethical Hackers Club has been requesting the readers to stop sharing the fake news. Our readers are still not that intelligent enough to stop doing so the same was seen when many of our Whatsapp Group members started debating about the same hoax message being shared over the internet.
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Warning Claims Dangerous Cosmic Rays from Mars Will Hit Earth Tonight

According to a rather breathless message that is circulating via social media and the blogosphere, cosmic rays emanating from the planet Mars will hit the Earth tonight, between 10:30 pm (0r 12:30 am) and 3:30 am.

The message supposedly comes via BBC News. It advises us to switch off our mobile devices during the impact time and ensure that our cell phones are not close by as we sleep because the cosmic rays can be quite dangerous.

The post ensures us that the information is 'not a joke or a hoax' and asks that we share it to help keep others safe.

While the claim has no relevant sources, we still tried contacting BBC reporters regarding the same and which was clearly noted that they have never posted such fake news ever.

While I assure the message is a complete hoax, I am going to tie my cell phone very close to my body the whole night waiting to see the claims by scammers and I hereby challenge the scammers to prove the fact. 

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