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Cyber Security Awareness at Vile Parle Mahila Sangh

Cyber Security Awareness at Mahila Sangh
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Cyber Security Awareness Seminar at
Vile Parle Mahila Sangh

Mahila Sangh College

Shivam Goswami a Cyber Security Researcher, Author and a distinguished public speaker on the topics of cyber security and Ethical Hacking in India. Is working on an initiative to Increase Cyber Security Awareness in India by Connecting Schools and colleges to act as cyber security support centers for students. 

He will be speaking about Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking based on his 6 years of practicing experiences. will be explaining students the importance of cyber security for every individual, and will be describing about online privacy. 

on 27- February- 2017

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Shivam Goswami



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