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Introduction to Our Parents Program

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While speaking on various public platforms, Schools, and Colleges, I've found the lack of awareness in parents with reference to Cyber Security has been creating a great difference in reducing cyber crime and protecting their children from the ocean of criminal activities going throughout the internet.

Ethical Hackers Club's  Parents Corner for Cyber Security deals with cyber security awareness programs for parents. I will be talking about in depth about Questions I've always been asked by parents in talks and through mail. Parents corner for cyber security will be the first of its kind online awareness program for parents with respect to creating a security culture.
The digital world is crossing new boundaries and may times it's troublesome for many of us. Today the old responsibilities of parents are even increased with the addition to digital responsibilities. 

That's your child and as you care and defend your child from physical threats, it's your duty to even protect him from digital threats.
And that's what Ethical Hackers Club makes easy. We help you understand the tech your child loves, We make tech easy for you and even easier for each one to find solutions for the issues faced online by you, your child, your neighbor, your neighbor's child, or any beloved. 
Just stay connected with our Parents Section on our website, Ethical Hackers Club on Facebook & #ParentsCornerEhc on Twitter to be a Great Digita Parent.

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