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While many times it is being claimed Government monitors each one's activity online we surely don't bother as we aren't criminals, but there are many more from hackers to criminals looking to snoop on our personal communications. Perhaps unsurprisingly, free email providers often surreptitiously use software to mine information from your emails and contacts to sell you ever more targeted advertising.


Price: Free + Premium accounts available.
Storage: 1GB as standard. Upgradable.
Country: Germany.

 Tutao GmbH launched Tutanota in 2011 as a freemium, encrypted webmail service. The name gives clues to their beliefs, coming from the Latin “tuta nota” meaning “secure message”.  

Reasons to use Tutanota?

Tutanota makes a very compelling secure service. In many ways, their feature-set largely mirrors that of ProtonMail. They use end-to-end encryption to ensure that no mail is viewable on their servers. If you email an account that isn’t encrypted like Gmail, then Tutanota sends a link to a temporary account where the recipient can view the encrypted message.

Tutanota is also open source, with the code available on Github for inspection. Currently they do not encrypt the metadata associated with any stored mail, like sender, recipient, and date. However, their FAQ states that they are looking into the possibility of adding this in the future.

Tutanota uses 2048 bit RSA and 128 bit AES encryption methods. However, they do not currently support PGP, although they are hoping to develop an API to allow users to communicate with anyone using PGP encryption. They do collect logs but only for technical information, warning and error messages. It is worth noting that Tutanota says that none of the logs contain personal information, and are only kept for 14 days.

Download: TutaNota for Android | iOS |Web (Free)


Proton Mail

Price: Free & Premium accounts available.
Storage: 500MB as standard. Up to 20GB for Premium accounts.
Country: Switzerland.

Researchers in CERN developed ProtonMail in 2013 a successful crowdfunding campaign saw the open source, encrypted email provider exit beta in March 2016. ProtonMail uses end-to-end encryption so that messages are encrypted at your end, and can not be unencrypted by the company — or anyone else for that matter.

As ProtonMail predominantly provides free accounts, it is reasonable to consider how they will sustain the service. In a comment posted to Reddit, ProtonMail made it clear that they have a Defence Fund which would sustain the service for up to a year without any other revenue. 

Reasons to use ProtonMail

Every Individual in India known that Switzerland is well known for its privacy, even for corrupt people. And all ProtonMail data is stored in Switzerland moreover ProtonMail is open source. This is a huge plus for privacy and security advocates. Closed or proprietary software methods cannot be tested or validated by anyone, meaning that you have to place your trust in the company. Open source means that, should you want to, you can verify the security of the platform yourself.
Although emails to and from other ProtonMail users are end-to-end encrypted, if you communicate with unencrypted services like Gmail, ProtonMail will scan these emails to protect against spam. However, theses messages are scanned in memory, meaning that they aren’t kept and will be overwritten in very little time. As soon as the email has been scanned it is then encrypted.

According to their Privacy Policy, IP logging is disabled by default, although options exist to turn this on if you wish. This is a benefit to your privacy because it protects your location, and prevents linking of data using your IP address. ProtonMail also doesn’t store any of your data once it’s deleted. If you delete an email — it’s really gone. The only exception is when the data has been stored in a backup, in which case it may take up to 14 days to be fully removed.
ProtonMail also doesn’t require any personal information in order to sign up for the service, although you may add a third-party email address for recovery purposes. If the ephemeral messaging that companies like Snapchat and Telegram have implemented is your thing, then you’ll be pleased to know that ProtonMail has a similar feature for email.

Download: ProtonMail for Android | iOS | Web (Free)

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