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Android O A New Desert For Your Smart Phone.

Android O Launch

Finally, your phone will have a new dessert. Since Google brings the preview of first Android O. Google claims a better performance, more features, & stabilization. Currently, the developer's preview is being tested and is available only for only available for Nexus and Pixel users and can be found with few bugs as described on Android Developers Blog

What's in Android O?

Background Execution Limits: 

In order to improve interactive performance by reducing RAM usage, Android O provides Background Execution Limitations by which it provides more control over what application in the background can do. Now your background apps will now run for a very limited time when it's not having a visible usage evidence or a foreground usage. 

A better Privacy For Location Updates:

Background apps asking for location updates will have only limited access to updates i.e. only a few times per hour. While nothing is to be changed for the foreground apps that means this feature won't affect your navigation experience or the experience with your fitness apps, while this feature will increase the performance of such apps. O-MG a better privacy oriented Account Settings. 

O-MG More About Privacy:

Account Access Restrained: Apps Working on O won't be permitted to obtain access to user accounts solely using get account permissions instead they will have to be dependent on Account Choosing Activity i.e. user can now decide whether an app can use account access or not. 

Notification Channel:

Notification channel will now have the named categories for each app. The user will now have an ability to make alterations to the behavior of specific category like:
  • blocking ability,
  • Changing the importance,
  • Customizing Vibration & Light,
  • And altering the lock screen privacy. 
The user can now use channels for different category of notification, for example, your chat app can show two different chat conversation and the user will be able to different settings to them.
You can bring the channel things by having a long press on the notification. All apps will work same as all apps need to follow the terms if not the notifications won't work for such apps.
Users now have the ability to silent the notification for single application by a snooze time for 15, 30 or 60 minutes and so as preferred unlike a do not disturb app.

Enhanced User Experience With Auto-fill Framework:

Filling up forms has always been a time consuming & Error introduced task in short a hectic task. The new Auto-fill framework makes it easy for apps to help their users in solving this experience. Android O Provides an option to select auto filler app as similar to keyboard selection app. Auto fill app is responsible for storing & securing data like: 
  • Address
  • Credit Card Information
  • User Names
  • Passwords

Biggest Change in Settings:

The front page of settings zone is far more simplified as compared to older versions of Android OS. Security and Lock Screen are now roommates with a single room in settings home.  While Bluetooth & NFC had no separate rooms and resided in network & Settings finally have their new room called connected devices. Side scroll option isn't supported but settings search still works.

Lets Move Ahead To What's New?

Although there is a lot more stuff that will make you bite your tongue we'll be going through a few of the most important as we found here yet.
There has been a lot of development in System UI Tuner & the Developer option. Now finally you can define your shortcuts on your lock screen yourself which means now you can replace the default apps like the camera on the lock screen to the app of your own choice. 

Navigation Layout Changer:
Users now have the ability to change the Navigation bar layout and to change the position of your navigation bar to the left, right or the center. 

Some Things Now Have No Room:

You can no longer add battery percentage indicator to the icon of your battery. It was always the awesome feature I personally preferred but finally, it's off. 

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