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Intense SEO Guide by Ethical Hackers Club - Part 2

Intense SEO Guide
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We discussed the good introduction to SEO in our last post. So finally we can go ahead with our adventure of our Intense Guide to SEO Part 2. Here we will follow the two basic categories of Search Engine Optimization. I received numerous emails asking me to publish my upcoming post about SEO soon. So finally the wait is over. In today's post we will be following two basic categories of Search Engine Optimization. 
1- Off-Page Optimization
2- On-Page Optimization

It is very important to understand these two categories of Search Engine Optimization in order to be SEO master. Without wasting a time Let's have our first dive to Get today's SEO Guide.

Creative Commons License
This is the work by Ethical Hackers Club &

On-Page Optimization:

The most important activities that you perform directly on your website are referred as On-Page Optimization. These includes Keywords in title, the inclusion of meta tags like description, image titles alt tags etc. I specified most important as these are essential elements for any web page in order to gain good ranking. You can't wish search engine to help you in attracting more visitors to your website.

As Search Engines are constantly changing their algorithms to provide the best experience to their users, SEO Experts and Consultants are doing their best to improve the ranking and visibility of websites for their clients. Previously, when search engines were based on Keywords used by internet users, "Keyword blogging" had been very popular among SEO experts. It became very popular in bloggers and website owners to include keywords in their title, meta tags, & descriptions. 
There have been many crooks spreading scams and fake news with such SEO techniques. 
However, Google has now introduced a new algorithm "Hummingbird" which gives more attention to the quality of content and organic search is now the best way to find the way in top three ranking of search engine. 

Off-Page Optimization:

While On-Page Optimization is most important content marketing has also played an important role in SEO. Website owners are now using different ways to bring traffic to their website. Distribution of original content to the different platforms has been the best way to bring traffic to websites. 
Website owners are now involved in content marketing by sharing their contents over blogs, Social Media links, Online ads, etc. in order to generate backlinks to their websites. 
Search Engine Optimization is experiencing a rapid change and you need to update your website/ Blog on regular basis in order to be in good books of Search Engines. Stay up to date with your contents if you are a blogger. Regularly updating contents will attract search engine bots, which is the most important factor to get your website in top ranking.


The Internet, online marketing, Blogging have always been in a never ending a romantic relationship with SEO. Every Aspiring blogger should understand Search Engine Optimization very well but how many of you exactly understand SEO?
Don't worry you are not the only one if you don't know about SEO, When I first started writing in 2010 for my personal blog How To Be Safe From Hackers, I never had knowledge about SEO at all. I struggled for a year blogging like fools and getting at most 40-50 visitors for my posts. I wanted to know how to generate more traffic and I started searching for ways to drive more traffic to my site. I always found SEO while I searched but I hardly knew anything unless I attained Webinars on SEO. I was invited there to speak on my favorite topic Cyber Security but I actually understood SEO at the event. I got connected to many SEO experts at the event which helped be out in having a great in-depth h knowledge about Search Engine Optimization.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization which is always abbreviated as SEO is the term used to specify all activities performed by website admins in order to improve the visibility of their website on SERPs i.e. search engine result pages. The place your site holds SERP ensures that traffic will be delivered to your website. To Generate Huge traffic you need high Ranking in SERP. If you are at the top of search engines you surely will have more visitors to your site. This is why all website owners are very cautious for High Ranking in Search Engines Pages.

Why Do You Require SEO?

You've given all your heart, your time and efforts on creating a website or a blog. Surely you have done that in order to have a good online presence for you or your business. SEO plays the most important role in order to generate high traffic for your website. This is the very clear indication for any website owner to think about SEO.

Stay Connected to learn intense SEO Steps in our upcoming posts.


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