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90% of Smart TVs can be hacked remotely

Smart TV Hack

Apparently Smart TVs are not as safe and isolated as originally supposed. In fact, this would be a problem that is not only limited to the connected devices running on Tizen, and about 90% of smart TVs would be vulnerable to a single technique of remote hacking.
The disclosure was shared and revealed by computer security specialist Rafael Scheel, a member of the Swiss company Oneconsult, who pointed out that virtually all smart TVs could be hacked by an attack with altered DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting) :

"By design, any nearby TV tends to connect to the strongest signal. Since cable providers send their signals from tens or hundreds of kilometers away.
Attacks using modified DVB-T signals could be mounted from nearby homes, a neighborhood or a small town. Since an attack could be carried out by using a simple modified DVB-T transmitter, pointing to a specific room in a building."

This attack would be based on the use of Hybrid Broadband Broadband TV (HbbTV), an industry standard supported by most cable companies and TV manufacturers, which helps integrate traditional transmission protocols, IPTV and Broadband delivery.

So using a simple set of DVB-T transmitters, which costs only USD ₹3213.50, an attacker could use and alter that transmission standard to attack any Smart TV.
Most alarming is that Scheel's statement was not just in theory, and YouTube has uploaded a video demonstrating how it has developed methods based on this idea to hack televisions, according to Betazeta.

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