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More Than 15000 Documents From Spains HazteOir Leaked.

ACAB Hacked 2017

An unlucky moment for Spain when the Collective A.C.A.B. Has been attributed the hacking of the servers of the association, its databases and even their profiles in social networks. And have revealed some of the internal information they have obtained. The group has already disclosed more than 15,000 documents of information about the finances, strategies, connections and judicial complaints of Hazte Oír, as well as information on the privacy of its president, Ignacio Arsuaga.
The collective hackers have already disclosed 15,000 documents and have threatened for disclosing all the data. This is not an end, it's just the beginning they say.
The Twitter account of the group has already been suspended but you can see the snapshot of the post below.

According to the information released by A.C.A.B., Hazte Oír received 2.4 million euros in donations in 2014, when it did not yet enjoy the popularity ratings that it has today after the recent and controversial campaign of the transphobic bus.
In addition, A.C.A.B. Ensures that in the next few hours they will publish the status of his current accounts, which will be available for anyone to see.
Moreover, the group of hackers also promises that it will release access to the entire database of donations received by Hazte Oír, by which the identity of all its contributors will be exposed.

A.C.A.B Leaks

According to documents leaked by A.C.A.B., a technological multinational donated 2,050 euros in 2012. In addition, a relevant Spanish entrepreneur also appeared among its great collaborators.

Private data of its president:

On the other hand, A.C.A.B. Has made public a series of documents in which they relate the president of Hazte Oír, Ignacio Arsuaga, with the purchase of medicines linked to hormonal treatments.

President of Hazte Oir

Another traditional sources of controversy states that it has resided in its apparent origins and its links to the ultra-Catholic sect El Yunque.
In fact, according to A.C.A.B., Hazte Oír pressured the Sixth not to link the two organizations in a special program dedicated to them by the Research Team.

In addition, Hacerte Oír would have even sued Google for, according to them, "to relate Listen to El Yunque in their searches".
A.C.A.B Hackers

The matter, in any case, does not end here. A.C.A.B. Has enabled a website in which in the next few hours will continue to upload material related to Make You Hear.

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