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Anonymous Have Decided to Support Spanish Protesters

Anonymous Supports Spain Protesters
Cyber-activists Anonymous have decided to support Spanish protesters who have protested against government corruption and have tossed the website of the Popular Party (PP).
Hours before Anonymous infiltrated the pages of the Popular Party of the towns of Jerez, Noblejas, Rota, Chiclana, Alpedrete and Rincon de la Victoria, leaving their mark in the form of phrases that call for the resignation of the Government along with its logo. While these pages are already working, the main web of the PP is still lying.
This Thursday the outraged in several Spanish cities have begun to protest in the capital, the mobilization takes place on Genoa Street, where the Popular Party headquarters is located, where chants such as "This is what happens to us by a Government facha", "Que se vayan oe, que se vayan oe", "No It's a government, it's a mafia "," that president is a delinquent "," they do not represent us ", among others. Are heard.

Barcelona, Valencia, Zaragoza, Malaga and La Coruña also join the initiative. The demonstrators who are in the headquarters of the PP of Valencia have written on the asphalt "Here died the democracy". In Barcelona chorizo skewers are distributed with the faces of political leaders, among them, Mariano Rajoy.
The new wave of Spanish indignation arose after the latest revelations of the so-called 'Bárcenas case'. On Monday, after nearly two hours of hearing before the judge, former PP Luis Bárcenas, assumed responsibility for the papers where they were fixed black bonuses to the top of the conservative party, and provided more documents against the PP.

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