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Are You Sexting! If So Stay Safe.

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Sexting has been a new trend in India 80% of Teens using the internet have been found sexting. If you are willing to enter into this fashion, try to do so by taking the necessary precautions.

The technology is present in many moments of our life, causing that any daily activity is influenced by the new tools. In this sense, sexuality is also affected, as is the case with sexting, a practice that is increasingly rooted and can represent different types of risks for those who carry it out if the threats that could affect them are ignored. Ethical Hackers Club provides recommendations to protect the privacy of users and avoid the dangers associated with this practice, in India.

Strictly speaking, the term derives from the English words "sex" and "texting", although at present it is no longer just the exchange of text messages with erotic content, but also photographs, videos or other material Of a sexual nature, that can be exchanged through new technological tools, such as social networks or messaging applications.
According to a survey conducted by the Ethical Hackers Club committee in India, 80% of teen participants practiced sexting ever. In 56% of cases, it was through instant messaging applications like Kik, WhatsApp, Line, and Snapchat, while 23% did so through social networks, and 15% in chat rooms. When users were asked about the risks they identified as partners to sexting, they ensured that they take measures to protect themselves, such as those included in the following chart:
Chart Shows the lack of Security Awareness Based on Survey by Ethical Hackers Club
While this practice may affect people of different ages, minors are a very vulnerable public. Sexting cases can also be associated with victims of grooming, that is, the action where an adult contacts a child online to gain their trust and friendship, with the ultimate purpose of abusing him in different ways.

Our team shares good practices so that you are not affected by sexting:

  • Apply methods to anonymize the origin of the content, through tools that allow blurring of photos or videos.
  • Avoid exposure of the face or particular traits that allow the identification of the person.
  • Be careful about who has access to the device physically and logically.
  • Apply common practices such as locking devices.
  • Consider technical aspects, such as the safe removal of the intimate content through the safe deletion of the data.
  • Connect only from protected networks, avoiding those of public access.
  • Review applications and software installed on the device that may have some type of malicious code that steals information.
  • Use a mobile security solution that prevents malicious code from stealing information.

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