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Ethical Hackers Club

 Ethical Hackers Club

A Journey from Tips & Tricks to Ethical Hackers Club. It was 2010 when I completed my masters in Programming & Ethical Hacking. It was 2010 when I first started a website with the title Tips & Tricks 2010. Tips & Tricks was an initiative to all tech solutions at a single place. It wasn't too late when I started receiving queries related to Cyber Crime, Cyber Bullying, Online harassment, Social Networking Spams, Cyber Stalking and a lot more mostly faced by Girls.
It was almost 3 years with Tips & Tricks 2010 providing tech solutions, I received almost 15000 queries and it was really very difficult to solve them all alone. It was 2014 when the servers where Tips & Tricks was hosted got crashed and I decided to work on the same site with new ideas. I knew it wasn't that easy to stand alone in the world of problems, I decided to add new faces to my idea, I searched for people with the same ideas and soon there were two Bhairav Bose & Vipul Jadhav who supported the idea and we decided to focus at the center of Cyber-security, and finally we were out with an Idea of Ethical Hackers Club. Going through a great research on keywords planning and SEO strategies we finally decided to name our website Ethical Hackers ClubIt was very clear for our team that we wanted to work on words by two great Indian minds

1. Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam.

"If We Are Not Free No One Will Respect Us"

2. Swami Vivekanand.

"Give Me Free Young Minds & I Will Make The World A Happy Place."

Finally by the end of 2015 Ethical Hackers Club Got Registered legally as a firm for Cyber Security Awareness in India by the name Secret to Success & Ethical Hackers Club ( Secret to Success & EHC ).

While there have been many groups from Anonymous, legion to A.C.A.B; Ethical Hackers Club wanted to stand aside from these as they are all controversial groups many times claimed to be criminal, Ethical Hackers Club wanted to be all Legal and it was very clear we didn't want support crime.

Ethical Hackers Club Supports Women Empowerment.

Although Cyber Security is the major hurdle in the progress of Digital India & Women are the ruling pillars of nations progress, we believe it's important to take a stand to make India Cyber Clean nation. Going across the messages and request through our facebook page we have noticed few insane & pervert crooks creating problems for girls in cyberspace. I don't find any need to describe problems faced by girls today in the online world. Many a time we have seen Victims requesting us to get them deleted completely from the internet, we clearly believe Online presence today is the right to every individual and running through it isn't any solution. Ethical Hackers Club has taken a stand to fight back such elements who make online life difficult. Deleting yourself is never the solution but deleting the harassing elements is always a great job and that's what Ethical Hackers Club does. 

Our Mission:
The Ethical Hackers Club is a PF. established to support victims of cyber crime & identity theft in resolving their issues and to increase public education and awareness of cyber security, identity theft, data breaches, scams/fraud and Privacy Protection. 
Passion inspires learning, decision making, creativity, relationships, and health. Ethical Hackers Club's Center for Cyber Intelligence uses the power of passion for creating a more secure, efficient and compassionate society. The Center conducts research and teaches people of all ages how to stay secure in the tech-savvy world you love. India is the country of emotions & We do this work because the well-being and sustainability of our society depend on each of us using our emotions intelligently.

Our Initiatives & Team:

To Know more about our initiatives and our team visit our site ethicalhackersclub.com. Be the part of our Committee members, Ethical Hackers Club invites Girls to take a stand against problems faced by girls online by being the part of Ethical Hackers Club's Girls Team
While the world is in the search of solutions working since 2010 Ethical Hackers Club has seen that the crowd is the best solution against cyber crime so let's get together and make India a cyber-secure nation.
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