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Finally Robots Can Be Your Next Food Delivery Boy.

San Francisco became the first city where you can taste meals delivered by robots, certainly, this type of service will grow throughout the world.
Marble Startup partnered with the Eat24 food delivery app to get its robots to deliver local orders for restaurant dishes in the Mission and Porter Hill neighborhoods of this city on the US West Coast.
The owner of Marble, Matthew Delaney, said .
"Some nights you may receive a message while you order Eat24 asking you if you want to receive your order with a robot."

The dishes ordered are placed inside the robots, which can carry the equivalent of four bags of the purchase. The technology used is similar to that of autonomous vehicles.
Lasers, cameras and other sensors make identifying the path easy or the machine which rolls on the sidewalks and crosses the streets at the same speed as a human on foot,  thanks to lasers, cameras and other sensors.
Marble also created three-dimensional maps of the neighborhoods in which their robots will circulate, Although robots were created to travel alone, in its initial stage they will have a human escort on their journeys. They will also be associated to operators who, from Marble's offices, who can intervene at any time in case of problems.
Marble which was founded in 2015 by Matthew Delaney, Jason Calaiaro, and Kevin Peterson, announced on Wednesday that it received $ 4 million to continue developing its fleet of robots.

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