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Online Presence of Girls Is important Let Them Be Secure.

Women Empowerment
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Since 2010 Ethical Hackers Club is trying its best to tackle cases of Cyber-security attacks, Online Harassment & Cyber-bullying. While the 7 long years of our efforts we have come across various incidents faced by girls in their tech-savvy life. While we tried solving the issues we noticed most of the time attacks faced by women are in order to suppress their social presence.
Our Today's post is dedicated to the response I received when in a Seminar I expressed my views about importance of Girls in online world with the crowd.

Based on our efforts in these 7 years we have a number of resources to prevent and respond to many kinds of online harassment faced by women.

What Have We Noticed?

Harassment of women online is at risk of becoming “an organized norm in our digital society”, Ethical Hackers Club has found India has gone too far when it comes to online harassment. 2016 has been a busy year when 90% help requested to Ethical Hackers Club was related to online harassment faced by women between the age group 16 - 30.
Harassment classified from unwanted contact, trolling, and cyber-bullying to sexual harassment and threats of rape and death have been the major issue in India as reported to Ethical Hackers Club in our surveys and through our social accounts.
Three in Ten – and Two in Six women aged under 25 – had received common threats of physical violence. Almost Two in ten women under 25 had encountered revenge porn and/or “sextortion”.
The data is based on 1,068 reports received by Ethical Hackers Club since January 2017.
One in five online harassment cases attacked a woman’s physical appearance, Two based on relationship failures & two included rejections in proposals.
Ethical Hackers Club's findings suggested that due to lack of support in India women believed that online abuse was a growing dilemma and felt powerless to act on it.
70% per cent of Girls said online harassment was a serious problem in 2016 and 65% said that it was getting worse. More than half the women state that the police needed to start taking victims seriously.
While most of the girls claimed police for having the lack of knowledge to tackle such problems the other side of the coin shows that 40% of those who had experienced online harassment chose to ignore it, and only 5% reported it to police.

Bhairav Bose, Co-Founder of Secret to Success & Ethical Hackers Club said
Higher awareness and collaboration between the Cyber Security Firms and law enforcement agencies is most important in India before online harassment becomes an established norm in our digital society.
Harassment is extremely taking place on social media, which facilitates 70% of cases which is twice as many as by email or text. 20% of the women attacked, changed the privacy settings of their accounts after their experience.
The conclusions will likely fuel the debate that social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram need to take greater responsibility for harassment on their platforms.

Priya Giri, a Social Supporter, and an Art Student who Joined Ethical Hackers Club's Girls Team to help design the survey & initiatives, said
the online abuse was just one form of violence against women, all of which needed to be addressed.
She was especially concerned by figures that more than two in six of respondents who had experienced online harassment felt depressed and that 4% felt suicidal.

Vipul Jadhav,  says
65% of contact made to Ethical Hackers Club was by women.
While we questioned girls in our seminars we found that 41% said they had been harassed, bullied or trolled on social media while engaging with audiences. Whereas they also claimed to have found no support from law enforcement agencies and about the lack of awareness in solving such crimes in India.
Well, Ethical Hackers Club Firmly believes blaming Police & Government is not the solution, in fact, providing a helping hand is and by starting an initiative to provide the free support we are connecting people with same views. Be the part of Ethical Hackers Club's girl's Team to stop crimes faced by women online.
Have you or your friend faced such issue or any sought of cyber crime? feel free to contact us through our Facebook page for free support & Guidance.
Do you have a story related to cybercrime to be heard by the public? you can inform us the same.

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