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See How A Mother Uses Facebook to Catch A Pedophile


A pedophile was using Facebook to try an have sex with a 12-year-old. The Mother of the child used the same Social Networking platform to hunt him down and take him to jail. 

Alex (modified name) is 44 years old, is a high school teacher and lives with her 12-year-old son in a village near Reus. By her profession, she is more than accustomed to dealing with pre-adolescent hormones and the (possible) complications occasionally entailed by the sexual outbursts of her students and young people of early ages. 
What she would never have joked would be that the hatching of her son would arrive in the worst possible way: through a pederast who tried to fool him through Facebook and to which she ended up hunting herself posing as a 12-year-old.

The day her son chatted with a pederast:

It all started one winter afternoon of 2013 when Alex saw her son taking photos without a T-shirt in his room:
 "At first I did not like the truth, but I did not say anything. That I was pissed was not that my son was calling, since I'm a teacher and I know that at 12 years old teenagers already do these things, maybe what made me angry was to realize that my son was no longer a child, "She explains.
But, the suspicion did not leave her head: 
"That night I entered his Facebook and saw that those photos were only in his private messages. In fact, It was only in a message, in which I spoke with a boy who, He was 16 years old, he was from another town and he was four years older than my child, so I could not know him.I don't know why, but the messages made me distrust.I did not know what I saw strange There, but I had the feeling that there was something. " She Said.

She Realized that those messages could not be written by a teenager, there was an adult behind.

That night, thinking, Alex identified the two elements that made her suspicious.
First, the way of conversation:

"The more I read the messages of that boy, the more convinced I was that this could not be written by a child of 16 years, but rather a much older person. It was as if an adult was using teenage expressions To give the hit, but made mistakes sometimes. I might ask, as it were if that day had 'touched', and it is clear that a teenage boy is not so subtle or use those expressions, they are much more beasts ", She says.

Secondly, she was surprised by the way the conversations were made:
"It seemed that the two of them were calling ... but not calling. I do not know if I could explain: the boy asked sexual questions to my son and sometimes he slipped some hints, but everything very subtle. I do not know, it was not a typical flirtation among teenagers, not even among adults. The boy never mentioned directly to my son, but he always led the conversation to sexual matters. " Said Alex
 Alex was convinced that it wasn't a 16-year-old boy to whom her child was chatting with when she spoke about the same with her friend who was a lawyer. When Reading the message they both came to the same conclusion. No one could be sure that there was an adult behind these messages, but both were convinced.

One decision: "She made when it happen for her son"

The lawyer advised her to go to the police force of Catalonia, but Alex ignored it. Instead of doing that, she talked to her son: "She asked him if he knew him, if he had ever seen him in person, if they had common friends, if he knew of someone who had told him about him and nothing. She tried to make it clear that She did not have to do anything wrong, but that She did not trust, and that if they did not know anything about it, maybe he should not trust either. "
After the conversation with her son, Alex made a decision: from then on, she would be the one who would guide the conversations of her son with the boy of 16 years. The police force of Catalonia, to which his friend lawyer asked her to appeal, were again discarded. Her goal was to hunt him down, get evidence and bring him to justice.

Instead of warning the police , Alex opted to try to 'hunt' the pederast:

However, the mother did pay attention to her 'unofficial' lawyer: Who told her that "if I were going to talk to that boy to see if he was an adult, be very careful and not lead to any crime. Above all, That it was not for me to propose an appointment in person and that it was not for me to make sexual suggestions or innuendo." 
The conversations with the boy were complicated, very complicated:

She Says "The good thing was that he mostly talked about it and asked specific questions, almost all related to sex, but nothing out of this world, not even for someone of 12. They were the typical conversations Sexual relations that could have two close friends of that age. " When I asked for new pictures and did not give them to them, I did not say that I was angry, but it was clear that I was angry because I was disconnected and did not reappear in two or three days. Desperate, because I feared that he would suspect or become tired of me / my son. "In short," I was afraid that he would leave, that he would not appear again and that all this to make me pass through my son would not have served anything ", recognize.
The conversations with the apparent 16-year-old boy continued.  Until one time, after three weeks, the boy took a step forward: "He proposed directly that they stay, that it was already okay to talk on the internet alone." As soon as she read that, Alex picked up the phone: She called her lawyer friend and had put the phone on hands-free so She could type in and read the conversation at the moment. She asked the boy what he wanted us to see, and he finally made a proposal that he and She i.e. he and Her son, actually stayed for Taking pictures together while they were having sex. "

"If he asked me for photos and I did not send them, he would get angry and disappear for a few days" Said Alex 

After three weeks of conversation, Alex had made her hook, but it did not work: "Her lawyer told her to tell him no, that he did not want to take pictures of him like that." She told the boy and he answered "LOL", that we could be in general to know us and that soon we would meet". Now Alexa already had what she wanted.
It was that night when her lawyer and she, with her computer in hand, stood before the police force of Catalonia. to tell them what was happening. The agents were not surprised: "She was hallucinating," explains the 'Police' Teknautas who took the case. "We told him that what he had done was a recklessness, that things are not done, that he had to have warned us from the beginning, but then, the important thing was not to scold him, but to help him."

The hour of truth: the appointment with the pederast:

Hands on: at 18:00 the following day, Alex's son and his apparent 16-year-old friend had arranged an appointment, so the 'police' began a time-trial investigation: "While they were making statements to the mother,  The boy said that he lived in another town, but the address of the IP they located was in the same town, about 400 -500 meters from the square where they were left. "
The next day, the operation was of four people: "Two companions kept a guard very close to the house to see the movement, but no one entered or left. The other two stayed with the mother to plan everything: at the time of the appointment. 

In the meantime, an unforeseen event arose. About 4:00 pm, two hours before the date, Alex's son received a message from the apparent 16-year-old boy, who told him that he would not go to the plaza. He told that the old man would go to the square, would pick up Alex's son by car and take him to the house where he would be waiting for him. He described so that the son of our protagonist could recognize the adult man, this one would wear jeans, a blue polo and cowgirl jacket.

By now, no one had any doubts: the 16-year-old boy did not exist, he had always been an adult.

"You're not going to fuck my son"

Alex and the 'police' arrived almost an hour before the appointment and entered a bar from whose window was the whole square, which also surrounded the fourth roommate of the operation. About 17:45, the "police" who stood guard near the guarded residence gave a warning: a man had just left and appeared to be heading for the square. However, two things failed: first, I was not driving, but on a motorcycle; Secondly, he wore clothing other than the one that the suspect had to wear, although he carried a backpack with him.
The man headed for the square, but parked the motorcycle on a small street nearby and walked towards it on foot. Once in the square, he gave a small return with some disguise, surrounded it, went into another street and entered a bar. On leaving, the 'police' confirmed what they had begun to suspect: indeed, he had come in to change his clothes. And indeed, now he was heading back to the square with jeans, a blue polo shirt, and a denim jacket.

When arrested, the pederast confessed: "I've been seeing five other guys"

When he reached the square, he sat down on a bench and waited for a seat. It was then that Marisa and the 'police' left the bar and headed towards him from behind. The denouement seems to have been taken from a Hollywood movie, but it was: when the 'police' touched the man's shoulder slightly to turn around, Marisa came forward verbally and said: "You're not going to fuck my son". Then the man, 54, was arrested.

Sexual abuse of four other minors:

The 'police' who had been in the square remained with Marisa, who was in an evident state of anxiety. Meanwhile, the two agents who had guarded the suspect's home, put him in the car, already detained, and took him home to make a search. When the plans were communicated to him, the man, perhaps wanting to get ahead of what they might find later, soon made his first confession: "I've been seeing five other boys in town."
In his house everything was confirmed: first, the boy of 16 years had not existed at any time, always was him; In the second, effectively, their conversations of Facebook gave face-to-face meetings with five other minors, although none of them were from the town of Alexa but from several nearby. As he confessed in his own house, one of them had not done anything, but with the other four, he did have sex. None of the five had said anything at home, but their subsequent testimony, coupled with that of the detainee, confirmed the sexual abuse of four of them.

The pedophile was convicted of sexual abuse and child pornography:

In addition, the police found a wide range of contents of child pornography: a small part of the material were pictures of the minors with whom it had been; The rest, photos, and videos that he had obtained on the internet.
The detainee was definitively sentenced in 2014. To this day, he is still in prison.

Minors must be supervised, but they have the right to privacy as any adult :

In Our opinion, "it is best to maintain, as far as possible, a relationship of trust with minors, guide them in the use of technology and alert them that they must be aware of such events, anonymity in the network, That they may encounter such situations." 
And always remember "the wrong thing is to try to make them think that technology is dangerous and deprive them of it. Adults have to assume that it is the time that has come to live and with it, we have to learn to know and understand the virtual world in The one that today's children now move in. The distrust in our minors generates mistrust in them."

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