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Online Harassment Descriptions in India

Online Harassment
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Ethical Hackers Club describes online harassment as a barrier in the digitization of the societies. We have been working to customize tactics of resistance and support to communities/individuals who are exposed to or are at risk of, harassment.
Our Events in India are designed as an intervention into ongoing advocacy, research, and practical support efforts, and seeks to examine a wide range of possible framing and responses to online harassment.
A growing number of reports through our Page shows that in addition to gendered and sexualized harassment, "racist, homophobic & Islamophobic harassment does take place online. We've observed, that the misogynist and anti-feminist harassment is noticed more in public discussion, media, research, and advocacy than any other form of online harassment. We are interested in our work as researchers in finding ways by which we can support victims in finding the proper solution for free. We will take critical approaches to Islamophobia, and racist as they combine with gender and sexuality to help understand localized experiences of harassment.

We address  a number of questions through our newer line of initiatives and we inform the framing of our sessions:

  • What can and cannot be learned about online harassment through the reports & responses we've received Nationally in response to harassment faced by women?
  • What have we learned about the harassment faced by different communities/groups of people marginalized because of their religion, ethnicity, gender identity or race?
  • What are the terms and forms in which the identity-based harassment takes (Twitter abuse, images, memes, fan fiction)?
  • How are online hate speech and harassment directed at specific religious, linguistic, or political communities,  experienced?
Our sessions are an opportunity for discussion, representation, and to contribute to an agenda that is more specific with respect to responding to targeted online attacks. We invite Students,  People working for human rights, people working against online harassment, advocates of freedom of expression and participation online, as well as interested technologists, activists, and researchers to join us in our initiative against online Harassment. We especially welcome NGO's and Government Organizations to join us for the welfare of Clean and Safer Digital India.
Our sessions consist of introductory presentations on the solutions and further actions on Online Harassment of different types and Cyber-security Attacks.

Event Detail:

Ethical Hackers Club's events are to be held in Each School of India. Exact location details will be posted since June 2017 in our Events tab. Please note that lunch will be self-organised, and is sponsored by politicians, industrialists, NGO's & Human Rights Workers. Since our sessions are being held in school premises, we need to have a list of names of confirmed participants. So if you'd like to attend our sessions, please follow our events tab to find the nearest location and contact to the person in charge with your ID Proof.

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