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Ransomware Can Be Waiting For You If You Are Sharing or Receiving Jokes On Your Smartphones.

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Telecommunications engineer and security expert in the network "Genís Margarit", in an interview with RAC 1, states "The distribution of the ransomware computer virus will not stop because there is a very high economic benefit behind it ."
Even the professor of the University Pompeu Fabra warned that "now the ransomware will be directed to the mobile phones", the reason why it's recommended, "to distrust of messages and jokes that we received".

"If the attack has not been avoided by multinationals, we can not avoid it at home "
Says GENÍS MARGARIT,  The Network Security Expert, after remembering that the victims can be our parents or co-workers. "They only seek to encrypt the files to request a rescue later."
Margarit has explained the existence of mafias that acquire the virus in the black market of Internet and distribute it among potential victims. It is for this reason that it has recommended to the entities "that they stop concentrating in the virus and they are dedicated to look for the financial mafia that is behind".

"This Friday's attack is unprecedented in magnitude," says Margarit, "but ransomware has long been affecting smaller companies. The problem is that it does not cause the same outbreak as with entities of greater dimension ".

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